CCTV cameras get their own Burkas

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smartarse, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. LINKY

    Bags are to be put over scores of surveillance cameras in parts of Birmingham after allegations residents were not properly consulted.

    Safer Birmingham Partnerships (SBP) said 218 cameras had been put up in Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook, where there are large Muslim populations.

    The cameras were financed by a counter-terrorism fund, but the SBP said they would tackle all crime.

    The cameras will not be used until consultation has been carried out.

    Ri-ight. Has anyone here ever been "consulted" about CCTV?
  2. Sparkbrook, large Muslim population, you'd never know it.
  3. If they're anything like the cameras here, then it hardly matters; if some heinous crime is committed, it usually transpires that the CCTV was broken/switched off/not monitored/not recorded/pointing in the wrong direction!
  4. Not when this bloke is around - much to his chagrin!
  5. :D no technology can surpass stupidity like that!
  6. "Excuse me folks, do you mind awfully if we install these cameras? You do? Ok then, we won't bother then." What a load of bollocks.
  7. Most new CCTV systems come with the option of blanking portions of the screen off, so the cctv manager would blank off all windows. Thus preventing operators from looking into private residences.
    Showing the residents that only public areas can be seen usually removes any worries.

    A clever operator can get round it with a bit of effort and be back to perving in no time. Not that I ever would :twisted:
  8. Ah, the old De Menezes defence.
  9. Not when this bloke is around - much to his chagrin![/quote]

    Whats most amazing, is that this idiot committed AT LEAST four crimes in a short space of time and the limp wristed old fart of a judge gave him a 32 week suspnded sentence.

    That'll deter this retard from re-offending for sure.
  10. That's unbelievable! A £400 bracelet in Argos?
  11. Up in smoke

    Any idea how much a CCTV van Is? Warrington plods may have well have just burnt the Money. Anti-social behaviour in a town best known the last couple of years for drunken chavs kicking people to bits, what to do about it?

    "Why heres a genius idea we'll leave this expensive asset unattended in the area were we know the little bastards are hanging out."

    "Good idea Sir".

    How long do you think it took the chav bastards to notice that the bloody camera was'nt moving? Even feral chav fuckwits can figure out to come up behind the camera and not be seen.

    edited once for biff removal

  12. As if a occupied van, would have deterred them from being firestarters.
  13. From the original link:

    That reads like "We'll pretend we're paying attention to you but we're switching them on anyway." Bearing in mind it's a Labour MP who's come out with that statement ... !
  14. Just got a rough idea on the price of a cctv van from this: How bloody Much?

    Someone should be getting an interveiw without coffee.
  15. Funny I dont remember ANY consultation with most communities for cctv or speed cameras! Ooops sorry I forgot who complained :- quote "The cameras were financed through a counter-terrorism fund, but the SBP said they would tackle all crime.

    Councillor Salma Yaqoob said people had lost faith in the authorities.
    The Respect Party councillor for Sparkbrook said: "In terms of reassurance it's going to take a lot more than plastic bags.
    "The residents have lost faith with the authorities for their sneaky handling of the way they went about this and will not be reassured until they have been told the locations of the hidden cameras too."

    Surprise, surprise, our so friendly and well integrated MUSLIM "British" community yet again wants SPECIAL treatment! And of course our Islamophile establishment IMMEDIATELY caves in! :x