Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 18, 2004.

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  1. The original post mentioned the 2nd Battalion was being formed to give an extra unit for CCRF duties.

    Is this still the case, if the ex I was on this weekend is anything to go by - The CCRF idea looks likely to be binned - regular units would respond far quicker than TA (comms/IT still comes from the TA).
  2. Heard some rumblings that the blue-lighters want to keep the whole show to themselves and would be reluctant to have armed services on the streets.
  3. has anyone seen the CCRF pre-dumped kit?

  4. The CCRF is unworkable. We're still waiting for the extra trg and eqpt. We can't provide enough troops for our primary role of reg reinforcement, so unlikely to be able to provide enough for CCRF too. I don't reckon it will be binned but we'll just be earmarked for bodies in the event.
  5. yeah I know, fantasy island (ex 26th Bn NOT!) :D
  6. It works, biggest problem I've seen is with IT illiterate officers/snco's.
  7. It's unworkable because, as stickybomb pointed out - and was made clear to us on a recent ex, that the blue lights don't trust us or want us involved. Which is a shame because we're probably as capable in many areas than they. more so in some.

    Also we have trouble balancing current taskings with CCRF. Even the regs don't train for CCRF/Warfighting/Defence/PSO all at once... :roll:
  8. On second thoughts, any CCRF type incident may involve Dirty bombs of follow-on IEDs.

    They can do their own contaminated area cordons themselves, thank you. They can then use bad language and sarcasm to stop people leaving the contaminated area.

    And looters will be told off in no uncertain terms.
  9. Stop in the name of the Law, or I will shout stop in the name of the Law again :?
  10. I don't think the idea has ever been that we get there first - instead we take over from the regs after 48hrs so that they then get a break. Hence we don't really need to know all the first response stuff or worry about prepositioning kit as we will move into a situation that is already up and running. In theory.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Not quite true - the first elements of the CCRF should be on the ground in 6-12 hrs, with the rest of tranche one within 24hrs and tranche 2 to relieve them in 14 days.

    But lets face it, the CCRF is not going to be called out for a petrol tanker crash on the motorway, it's going to be for a 9/11 style spectacular.

  12. We were informed that it would be a 24hr report, for a maximum 14 days.

    Not that I'd survive a 9/11 style strike to report anyway. Or be able to get to my TAC! Would anyone in London be able to get to their TAC with roads gridlocked and the tube/trains more fcuked than usual?
  13. You have to remember that the response has several TA elements:

    Brigade Reinforcement Teams

    I know some elements on the signals side are initially TA but then replaced by a regular unit. I can't see a CCRF managing to get its full strength deployed for at least 24/48 hrs, which probably backs up your statement.

    Would they use a London unit for an incident in London, surely it'd be easier to use a non London unit cause they'll be able to form up easier (London probably being at a standstill)
  14. It would be better to use a non london unit. It would take us 24 hrs to get to our TACs anyway. Thats assuming the mobile/landline system works (it shut down in NY after 9/11) or the press are able to communicate the mobilisation order.

    This of course is all speculation, opsec and all that.
  15. When we were first approached about the CRRF 18 months or so ago I turned it down on the grounds that, at that time, the prospect of herding my own family into a quarantine area, from which they were unlikely to emerge alive did not appeal - let's face it, a large-scale dirty bomb attack in London is unlikely to have a happy ending for those poor buggers caught within the affected area. For reasons unconnected with this issue we have moved away from the London area. That said, my unit has not, to the best of my knowledge, taken part in any CRRF training.