Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stevie_The_pioneer, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. could not find any info about this on the net so thought ide give u guys a try over heard a guy at T.A.C on tue talk about past CCRF during mad cow disease incident and how it could happen again with the bird flu situation

    was just wondering if sopmeone could tell me what a CCRF actualy is
    is it a mobilisation of some sort

  2. Stevie,

    In esence it is where you as a ta soldier provide assistance in times of civilian need. Quite a few guys ended up in the slaughter houses or driving artics during the mad cow disease epidemic.

    Hope this clarifies matters.

    See you on the CFT!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. What I've heard so far is. That on a confirmed outbreak. The Regional TA forces will be Mobilised, to form a perimeter around the Infected area. They will have orders to shoot all Species of Birds (not the two legged Breasted variety, unless they are mingers) on sight. Your best bit of advice is to read up on Air Defence.

    Happy Shooting.. Tally Ho.. :wink:
  4. sadsacks check pms
  5. There was no CCRF mobilization for foot and mouth. although many ta personnel were use for upto nine weeks.
  6. Make a change from match 9 :) 50 round bursts in air defence isnt it . :lol:
  7. Will shotguns be provided? If you can't hit a figure 11 with a rifle, then the average game bird/fowl will present an altogether more..ahem..challenging aspect!
  8. Yes Cuddles Shotguns will be provided.

    In anticipation of Fife being declared a 'NO FLY ZONE'. I am currently practicing my avian shooting techniques on my boys Budgie and my Desert Eagle BB pistol. The bird may not last long but it is in the interest of National Security. The lad wil understand when he's older. MMLLAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  9. latest news a 3 mile perimeter has been placed round the entire fyfe area
    lookas though it may be getting serious children
    bayonetts at the ready

    brings whole new meaning to a turkey shoot dont it

  10. has anybody seen that bloke hadrian lately?
    might need him and a few thousand brickies sharpish, never mind 'kin CCRF. Although at least the powers that be will realise that a TA units strength on paper is 300 times that of its deployable manpower!! Sorry got to go theres a chook at the door wants his tylenol.
    wish a proper bird would come round for a chest rub!!!!!!
  11. Just had a phone call from my unit. I'm to go to Pets At Home and buy large quantities of TRILL. We are laying an ambush at the Forth Bridges.

    Game On. 8O
  12. Sweaty,

    Breaking News Just in..........

    Fife is to be hit by a strategic WMD to eradicate the problem (oh and it will also address the bird flu issue!!!!!!!)

    All TA personnell are to be on the lookout for civvies with a green glow who have been caught by the fallout and shoot on sight!!!!!!!
  13. The inhabitants of Fife look like that already. Thanks to Mossmoran. 8O
  14. as per my last shoot on sight!!!!!!!
  15. Breaking News.

    2 Dead Swans found in Glasgow. 8O

    Now we can cordon of Weegieville :lol: