CCRF no longer voluntary?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cpl-Mortification, Oct 18, 2005.

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  1. My PASO has said that CCRF is no longer voluntary and is getting the whole unit to go through a mob ex for it, this just does not seem right to me (I did'nt sign up last time because of work commitments) can anyone shed some light on this?

    A small cog in a broken machine
  2. It has never been voluntary for some units e.g. 2 Sig Bde units.

    Whats the problem thou, ur doing something for UR country not someone elses
  3. Then don't turn up for it! Until you receive your mobilisation papers the TA remains voluntary. If you are really needed, you'll be mobilised.
  4. CCRF relies on those who can turn up,turning up when they can,there is no sanction if they cannot attend for whatever reason.
  5. We had to "opt out" of it

    Thats right !!

    Volunteer to not volunteer :p
  6. We 'have' to turn out if given the call, but at the end of the day if you are (for instance) responding to flooding and you can't get to the TAC and the mobile system is overloaded, or your mobile battery has 'run out', what are they going to do?!
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    As I understand it, any CCRF call-out will be a mobilisation, just a short-term one. As such, it will surely be an 'order' to those affected, and must therefore be obeyed?

    Also, CCRF is only intended for REALLY serious responses - if such a thing happened, I would hope most strongly that ALL TA personnel would be running to their TACs as fast as they can.
  8. Like OS mentioned the CCRF is only for very serious emergencies, we will not be mobilised for floodings, foot and mouth etc. They are still regular army tasks. We may be asked to volunteer but it won't be compulsary.

    polar69, yes you can opt out working with the CCRF bn's but your unit does have other roles which you can't opt out.
  9. We could opt out, but only after seeing the presentation about CCRF.

    Big surprise no presentations, so no-one could opt out. :roll:

    Like the others have said, if you get the phone call and can't get there then they'll call someone else.
  10. If that is the case why, at a recent bde cpx, was the scenario a ccrf response to flooding in portmouth (why you would want to help them out I don't know...) in which my unit (TA) was 'involved' in the response.
  11. TA have been involved responding to floods up north, however the CCRF Bn's were not called out and the TA response was voluntary - the TA deployed some comms assets to replace the mobile phone system that had been taken out.

    You mention that you were on a CPX, which maybe indicates your Sigs. If thats the case the CCRF role has never been voluntary.
  12. Not sigs - Inf
  13. ^Not sure what the rules on that were. All none Sigs&Inf were asked to volunteer, I can't see how the system would work if the framework unit were also volunteers (meaning the Infantry had no choice).
  14. We were also asked to sign up for CCRF at it's inception and being on the 'list' was voluntary. However, now we are being told it is compulsory as is attendance for it's training.

    Meanwhile we have not been shown any official or unofficial paperwork to prove this, can anyone 'in the know' confirm that this is actually the case or just the unit trying to get 'bums on seats' to look good.
  15. With the exception of 4 Para, CCRF membership is not optional to officers/ soldiers in Reserve Infantry Battalions, as these 14 Battalions are the spines on which the CCRF is based.

    Soldiers from other units in your district can volunteer for CCRF membership and in the event of CCRF mobilisation would be bolted on as extra reinforcements to the Battalion. However, it's not compulsary (although I believe that 2 (National Communications) Signals Brigade are all CCRF as well as that's prettymuch always been their role, even before CCRF).