CCRF issues

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by WhiteHorse, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. MOD Split: I have moved this bit on CCRF to keep the original thread on topic - msr

    I was refering to CCRF etc, I understand some units can not go to the sandy place as their soldiers are reserved for CCRF, if you had HSF or such like they would be able to turn out for emergencies etc, and as a UK only force could prove quite popular.
  2. CCRF personnel are not UK-only; they are soldiers who have signed up to an extra commitment to be mobilised for short periods at short notice to deal with civil emergencies as defined and declared by the Cabinet Office. They therefore retain all previous liabilities. In plain speak - if you've signed up to CCRF you're probably off to Iraq anyway.
  3. CCRF?

    What a sop to public opinion. I can hear Whitehall now: "In the event of a catastrophic event in a major city we will have an highly trained body of soldiers on the spot within 24 hours to support the Blue Light Services ".

    Signed, William Smart, OC Big Top

    Except they will have no kit, the passes to enable them to get through cordons have not been issued so they cannot get into the area and even if they could their radios cannot talk to the emergency services.

  4. Rubbish. I know a BN that is the framework for a CCRF but has send 2.5 coys for Telic.

    All this info strikes me as sensible, but after being involved for many years I'm forced to be cynical.

    However it is dressed up the Goverment/treasury wants a cheap force of bodies with a minimum of mil skills and equipment whom they can train and equip in 30 days before deployment then demob them and not have to pay pension or support for.

    Reading between the lines it looks like our green fleet is going and we'll all have to bid for the 2 regimental minibuses to go anywhere! That's of course if anyone has a TAC left, especially in the south.
  5. Blimey, what a response..Calm down...

    I was more concerned about the possiblity of reforming HSF than the reserved status of CCRF troops. That said, and we are UNCLASS on here, I think there will be some changes on CCRF.
  6. Yes but be fair - their deployments where spread over a year...
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Have grab bag, will mobilise, have MOD90 (the rules have changed precisely because of the CCRF) and on a recent CCRF ex, was issued an airwave radio.

    It's not all doom and gloom you know.

  8. bb, I think you'll find your quite wrong on that. Might be an idea to have a word with your local YofS/SigSqn (from 2 Sig Bde), I'm sure they'd be very willing to demonstrate their kit to you or pop down for an evening/weekend.

    If your from 15 Bde area then PM me.
  9. Agreed, but with POTL and those who decided 'I've done my bit' meant that the BN in question wouldn't have been able to field many on a CCRF framework ex.

    OK, teddy is back in the pram now, breathe.......
  10. Apart from the fact that at my unit we've lost a significant number of our blokes to Telic - we can barely muster a platoon from the whole Bn for a weekends training, let alone a platoon from each coy!

    I dread to think what is going to happen if an emergency crops up and they expect over a hundred blokes to turn up and 30 appear...
  11. Polar

    Thanks for the update and the offer - I'm from dahn saarf so a trip to t'North not really feasible.

  12. You are a frame work unit, it doesn't matter that your low on numbers, other TA units will supply the bods
  13. Same here, also we are getting new kit and Heli training.
  14. Don't worry the FANY will turn out :D
  15. Does the latter involve a Bedford?