CCRF Call out - London???

Any news on this, as I understand the Metropolitan Police don't like to call on military assistance but ......?

I haven't heard anything yet (but I'm not in the area)
Was wondering if it was worth ringing in? Sounds like the most sensible thing to do would be raid Finsbury Park and pick up all the GIA terrorists that we have so generously sheltered from extradition to France or Algeria all these eyears, but I don't suppose that will ever happen.
Just contacted the Mrs to ask her to iron my kit 8O

Haven't heard a thing but if the mobile phone systems struggling they may need some alternative comms assests down there....
QRK2 said:
Just spoken to our TM -they havn't been notified of any call out yet.
r u Inf? I don't think London Regt would get the call, from what I've heard the metropolitan police aren't to keen on military assistance.
A bit of calm I think...

Looks and sounds like incendiary devices. No NBC (If there was I'd be dead) so no need for CCRF I believe.

My regt provides comms for the CCRF so we'd be part of the first to go, so if I hear anything will let you know.


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Seen the TV reports, it looks like the emergency services have it in hand. There doesn't seem to be panic and no sign of NBC. No reason to get excited.
Probably incendary devices of some type....

If it were a power surge, then be pretty powerful to do busses :)

Mobile network down here is shite... been trying to call a business number, guess its every one saying im fine, or stuck etc..

Mrs Jennie cant get home at the moment... Beer anyone :)

only once the minister agrees it then its the regs first then, if the situation needs the manpower, its the TA. The COC is allowed to call the TA if he thinks they are needed. However, there are, I think, enough regs to hold this one together if requested. We are not talking mass evacuations - just at worst cordons for the busses (which I think we still have enough police in town even taking in to consideration the small expeditionary army holding back the hair-heads in Scotland) and nothing needed for the tube explosion(?)

Incidentally a cracking bit on the radio by a bloke who climbed in to the tube carriage that took the hit and used ties as torniquests. He gave the media a right dignified shoeing for taking pictures rather than helping - I'd like to shake his hand because he'd clearly been right on the edge but was still in control - good bloke and definately not what he'd planned on happening this morning on the way to work.

Good luck on the journey home to you all - its Davis St for the night I suspect.
Calling out the Army to something like this looks really bad anyway... blows (pardon the pun) it out of all proportion. It's not a catastrophic incident (as in something which would overwhelm the civil services) so no need for the Regs or TA.

Incidentally, Strikesure your comments re who gets called out first aren't entirely accurate. Depends on the role of the unit. Probably true of the Slack Jackets, but other (more cerebral) arms would have TA units mobilised as part of the first wave.

Thankfully no need this time (OC sent out text to say 'Don't tell your boss to stuff his job yet'... shame), curious to know who's going to claim responsibility though. Do I pack my shorts and sunglasses?
Strikesure said:
Good luck on the journey home to you all - its Davis St for the night I suspect.
Mind you dont get assimilated....Resisitance Is Futile....
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