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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nurse, Mar 10, 2004.

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  1. has anyone been on a CCRF briefing and can give me any info?
  2. Nurse:----

    Is it a general briefing or are you after something new? If its general see:

    and click on the CCRF Info Brochure under links

    If its the latest (not that much has changed) let me know. The only real uncertainty at the mo is how Future Army Structures will affect the CCRF - there is talk of binning TA Inf Bns and forming Coys tied to regualr Batallions - which rather removes the original logic of the CCRF which was based on "the HQ and structure of an inf Bn :)
  3. If you are going on a CCRF exercise, take a book. Its very dull.

    The pictures supplied with the link above give the impression that the units shown in CVR(T) and walking alongside the Old Bill are TA.

    They ain't. Its the Household Cav at Heathrow, I think.

    Anyway, now that CCRFs have been signed off as Fit for Purpose ( or whatever the phrase is ) can anyone claim to have seen the pre-positioned kit that is supposed to be available? Has anyone seem the pack that CCRF members are supposed to have? Has anyone actually got a MoD 90 so that they can get through any initial Police cordon and report to their Forward Mounting Base?

    Yeah, right.
  4. BB

    You labour under the misaprehension that the CCRF might actually be used. Come on.

    Its shop window dressing for the TA , and bloody good window dressing too. It was a smart move in the aftermath of Sept 11th, to protect the TA inf who had been so emasculated by Options that they were in danger of the chop.

    Reources to follow? Come, come. ...........

  5. CCRF+ Briefing




    And no, it won't save TA Infantry , but might accelerate the process of us becoming the Royal Corps of
  6. Chewed some of that Airwaves this morning, cleared my nostrils a treat. Can't see what it can do for the Inf tho'
  7. ??Allow them to get comms with bluelight services and Bde. ??

    As for resources I don't know about the CCRFs themselves but the supporting Signal Regiments have been issued stacks and stacks of kit, most of it is less than a year old.
  8. Really??? what sorts of kit?
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Round our way, it's the Arty doing the comms....

  10. Ranger 7200's - replaces mould equipment
    Lynx 900 - Airwave gateway
    Sepura SP100 - Airwave handheld

    Not 100% on the IS kit but includes Prominos, Cisco routers, etc
  11. Yeah - believe me, its pretty minor stuff - the RANGER is a cheap and cheerful COTS VHF Radio; the relay is pretty basic and both are brought about by the early demise of MOULD -

    AIRWAVE is held for our training - the scale is equal to that of the CCRF and REgional Bde HQ.

    On the other hand:

    We've no CRBN Kit; 40% fewer MTDs this year, and all our FFR Landrovers are about to be taken for BOWMAN conversion. We live of white fleet vehicles . Belive me, we are all in the same boat
  12. But the point was, money is being invested, Rangers maybe be cheap but they work and work a lot better than the Pegasus 914's they replace.

    And what about the £1.5 million spent on Project Reebok.
  13. Not seen any unless taking one det off my troop and placing into another store counts as pre-positioning.
    Has anyone had a recent brief on the role?
    Is it to support floods/foot and mouth etc, is it to respond to terrorist attacks or both?
    My SQMS believes its floods/foot and mouth only but you wouldn't place dets on higher readiness for that would you.
  14. From CCRF website

    IMHO - it won't happen. Civ authorities will not call in the Army.

    Remember the incident in East London where the Met took a week to get one geezer out of a flat cos he was amed with a swiss army knife or something, then managed to set the place on fire after the bloke died of boredom?

    They will use the poor performance to argue for more money. I think the C2 of any attack aftermath will degenerate into a p*ssing match betwen the civ authorities. You know, the sort you see in B grade yank movies "FBI???.....well I'm the Sherrif rounds these parts Boy"

    At least CCRF gives 2 (NC) Sig Bde something meaningful to do, on paper anyway. I look forward to the hare-core home defence sigs whizzing around London with their new walkie talkies.

    CCRF is a bit too "Dads Army" for me to take seriously.[/quote]
  15. General election next year so we'll probably find out.