Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sysadmin, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. I am in the process of joining up, as I do not have any GCSE's therefore all of the Royal Signal trades are not available to me,

    Would the Army take into consideration that I have been a Telecoms/Network Engineer for 12 years, I am CCNA and Network+ certified, therefore offer a position using the skillsets I have gained

    I have sat my BARB test and was told that my first job selection of RA was available.

    The reason I never even enquired about the Royal Signals was my lack of GCSE's

    Many thanks in advance

  2. ask the recruiters if you scored highly enough for the Royal Signals - if not you don't really have a leg to stand on mate.

    if you actually pissed the test but it was the recruiter who 'suggested' the RA was for you then tell them you want to go Royal Signals as a Communications Systems Engineer. if they still say your GCSE's are a problem ask them for an interview with a Royal Signals officer.

    you might have to travel to Blandford but it may be worth it and they may consider your application.

    something similar happened to a friend of mine and it worked out OK for him.

    give it a go mate - nothing to lose.
  3. Sounds like you should ask the recruiter, it sounds like you've decided you can't join RSigs (based on some info you've seen). Double check it?
  4. CCNA is a good level of technical knowledge to join the Signals, good luck :)
  5. You have given your recruiter the wrong info,,,,if you passed your BARB easily then there is no reason why you cannot join RSigs as CSE,,,,,,A close relative of mine was in the same situation and he had to sit part of his BARB for a second time.However during Phase1 his options did include RSigs and he took that option instead of the RA,,,,He has never looked back.
  6. Thanks very much for the replies, many apologies I have been misleading I ruled out any position within the Royal Signals due to the trades I would be interested in all required GSCE's therefore I never even mentioned my interests in joining the Royal Signals, I just went along with what I could join, and took an interest to the Royal Artillery in particular the 105mm Light Gun,

    After I completed my BARB test I wasn't that fussed about asking what score I got, as I was told by the recruiting Sgt I passed and I passed well and that the jobs choices I was interested in where available to me. It wasn't until a a guy who just left the Royal Signals has started a job in my place mentioned that I should think about the Royal Signals and put my skillsets to good use. and even potentially further them.

    Many thanks once again

  7. fecks sake.

    right - go back to your recuiter and tell him you have been doing your research and have now decided to join the Royal Signals as a Communications Systems Engineer.

    be prepared to present your certs / quals / cv to ensure you are the right man for the job.
  8. Mate get in and tell that recruiter to do his f**king job. He should be putting you to the best job suited. If you already have IT/Comms qualification it's pretty obviously you don't need them to fire a 105mm gun.
    Think about it in the long run mate. You have good qualifications already and with some more and experience of been a communication's system engineer in the signals you can build on it if you decide the army is not for you etc. It's all about the long term. No offence to the gunners they do a great job but i didn't see many civilian jobs on the job site's for gunners who specialise in 105mm lol but i do see them asking for people with specific IT/Comms qualifica
  9. Was the recruiter RA by any chance?
  10. With CCNA and experience, you would be welcome in almost all R Sigs units. For now IP is the way ahead, and Cisco is the vendor of choice, perhaps by default. I would welcome you into my organisation as a soldier, and with a trickle posting rotation of 3 years or so, I would invest in training you for CCNP in the knowledge I would get a decent return for my training money.

    As already said, speak to your recruiter and ask that he speaks to someone in R Sigs. I don't mean the R.Sigs Sgt in the recruiting office, as these will not be Yeomen or Foremen, but could be any trade and might not understand the importance of your qualification, in the same way that I have scant idea what the various grades of driving licences mean.

    On the other hand, if you are crap at maths, you have no chance of becoming a Comms Sys Engr.
  11. Surely the maths isn't really beyond GCSE or AS level though? Certainly not up to A level, even at Class 1.
  12. Look for a user on here called The Iron. He is in a recruiting office and will be best placed to advise.
  13. The Maths on the Class 1 a few years ago was of A level standard. Not sure if that is still the case. Many good techs fell at the first hurdle of the class 1 because their Maths wasn't at that level and had to retrade. Some good instructors got them there but others shouldn't be instructing never mind promoted to HCIO. Not mentioning any failed tech fat civvie females with Don King hair.
  14. No you're right about that, but the OP said 'I do not have any GCSE's' and given how easy GCSE maths is, that indicates he might not be particularly proficient. It used to be possible to do a maths aptitude test to see if you were good enough, even without quals, but I think that has been binned now.

    In my organisation we are training linies and transmission specialists (The old RR and R Ops to me and you) to handle the IP elements of their devices. So you don't need to be a tech to do this.
  15. Ho ho ho, I wonder who you could possibly be referring to :-D