CCNA Exams?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by fltpilot, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Ok I know you can just book & pay online for CompTIA exams. And choose where to do the exam, but is the same for CCNA?
    Or do you have to do each semester, pass & then take final exam?

    Got a friend who's been running networks for years where he works but has no qualifications in IT. His job, not in IT is going down the pan due to budget cuts etc! So the idea is to get him to go for A+ & N+ and then CCNA. And with the experience he has should line him up for a junior network role?

    (Hope this is in the correct section, if not please move)
  2. You can just turn up and so the exam, it will depend where you are and who you want to do the exam with.

    I would, for CCNA, recommend that your mate takes an accellerated course/crammer before the exam though.

    It is always changing, and the last thing you need is to rock up and fail becuase something has changed recently.

    I think you can get some that take about 5 days fllowed by exam.

    Also the OU is doing a CCNA course, you get a 60 point level 2 qual out of it, then you do the exam else where.
  3. CCNA Training, Course & Exam | Firebrand Training

    Not used this lot, but it is an example of what is out there.

    5 days and they offer a free go if you fail... these courses are normally pretty ropey on their own, but if your mate has lots of experience to add to the CV it wont really matter.
  4. OK first off - if your friend has been running networks for years then he should have no requirement to attend a ccna boot camp.

    You can crack the ccna within a month without going on a boot camp course (which are not that great anyway). They guide you through the icnd1 ok but unless you already know your stuff you will struggle on icnd2. And if you dont sit your exam within a fortnight - say goodbye to all that knowledge you gleaned from the course.

    The two areas of a ccna that you will need to master in order to beat the clock are(yes - its all about beating that damn clock):

    IP addressing - all the questions that have an ip element in it will slow you down due to calculations. Practice and memorise class c addressing, get the address tables brainwashed into your head, remember power of 2. Practice so you can answer the 5 ip questions (last host, first host, network etc.......) within a minute. Dont worry about class b or a as from what i can remember you only get about 1-2 questions and they are easy ones.

    SIMs - practice the sims (usually 4) per exam. Get stuck into the packet tracer tool and download the latest sim packages - then practice, practice and practice. Typical cisco exams - the sims are always repeated in exams with only the IPs changing. This is a valuable tool to aid in trg as this is where you can hone your skills to beat the sims in the exam.

    Heres how:

    #1 - Download latest cisco packet tracer 5.3.3
    #2 - Navigate to CCNA Training » Share your CCNA Experience and take note of the latest set of passes by people who post to this site. Take note of latest valid braindumps for ccna and sims for packet tracer.
    #3 - Download the latest braindumps from the sites listed in 9tut (.vce files).
    #4 - Download a copy of visual exam suite and load up the exams you downloaded, then study.
    #5 - Download the labs for packet tracer and do them over and over again.
    #6 - Take ccna exam.

    A valuable tool to aid in trg is the Cisco Packet Tracer as this is where you can hone your skills to beat the sims in the exam. Its the sims that you need to crack in rapid time. Get the latest version 5.3.3 then download the sim templates from 9tut or other ccna trg sites. Also, you can use packet tracer in work for network design or you could be a right anorak and design your home network in it - it really is a great tool.

    To be honest, i see kids coming through my place all the time with ICT exams hanging from them like ripe fruit - but they dont know shit when it comes to the real world. Myself and colleagues all know what to look for in a cv and it aint certifications - its experience. We all know that certifications can be picked up as i have mentioned above - in this day and age they aint worth much.
  5. Been looking at that myself, it's 9 months though. still not a bad price at £800 and I bet if you book the test soon after finishing, you should piss it.
  6. The OU course is very good... it seems to have been renamed Cisco networking. But I am sure it used to be 'Networking fundamentals' or similar. It uses Cisco as the 'vehicle' but the 'theory' could be put against any router/switch lan/wan sort of product. You have to sort your Cisco test out after you've completed the course though... they don't throw it in automatically (oddly).

    The pain in the arrse bit, is the day schools. They are MANDATORY and have an exam. Miss just one, and it is Freddy time. So if you are in, make sure your CoC support you and understand this, miss your local one, and you'll end up in Dundee on a last ditch effort to get the exam in.

    To be honest though, if you are Class 1 RSignals tech/is geek or even a Class 2 with a fair bit of experience in the LAN/WAN bit you'll p1ss the course...
  7. Keep in mind that if you choose the OU option that it takes a long, long time and you still won't have your CCNA unless you book and sit the test externally through a Pearson Vue testing centre. It's only really worth doing if you could do with the points towards a degree etc.

    If you're going to do it, don't spend your time memorizing brain dumps, learn the materials properly, you'll stand out like the proverbial spare prick if you don't on interviews.

    CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide 640-802 : Exam 640-802. 640-802: Todd Lammle: Books
    CCNA Portable Command Guide: Self-Study Guide: Scott Empson: Books

    Also don't be a gayer and choose the 2 exam option, just go for the 640-802 combined exam.

    If you don't fancy self study, check out Commsupport down in London. Very good instructor down there named Joe.
  8. And remember everybody...

    Fred Flintstone invented routers for his Mrs, Pebbles engineered the Network and Bam Bam (IRC) made the parts.
  9. The words nail and head come to mind. The only point in gaining CCNA is to fulfil the pre-requisites for CCIP/CCNP which is worth having. I've interviewed mongs who thought because they had that piece of paper, they were worthy of a 45K salary. One was told to go after ten minutes when he couldn't tell me how DNS worked or the fundamental difference between ping and tracroute.

    If the organisation interviewing him places more value on Andrex then I'll doubt he'll like working there. The better ones will give him a good grilling on his knowledge. A lot of these certification programs are vanity projects for people in the colouring-in departments of the vendors.
  10. download the cbt torrents - nuggets are ok but trainsignal is better, get the pdf of lammles book and odoms ones too
    be as gay as you like, take it in two shots and get your CCENT too - means nothing really but fills up a CV and bewitches HR drones
    take a peek here, here and here for starters

    pass first time and then big it up on the techexam forums :)
  11. i've been taught by joe at comm support, great guy great teacher and the follow up stuff is bang on. I took the CCNA before i did course with joe ( i did the CCNA voice with them). The site recommended by cdt dodger the 9tut one, saved my ******* life in the exam, i did home study for CCNA with a training company (who i won't name) and it didn't guide you for the exam at all. My mate told me about that site 3 days before the exam and if i hadn't seen the sims (same as the exam) i would've been shagged.

    Don't forget you need 825 points from 1000, screw the sims and you fail! Exams can be booked through pearson vue they will tell you where the nearest exam centre to you is. OU also do CCNP now as well
  12. the OU are also doing the CCNP:Security with a CISSP starter in T828, for those that are interested
    someone linked to firebrand earlier and i've known a few guys who have been on their courses and said they were the mutts nutts
    pricey but good

    another option if you've a wad of cash and like spicy food is koenig solutions over in india
    for a whopping £19000 you can have a rather jolly 136day intensive CCENT to CCIE boot camp
    and if you believe the CISCO marketing machine you could walk into a £150000 job the following week
  13. OU might be bringing out a Cico Design course soon too.
  14. What i have found over the years is that the whole certification scene has turned into a money machine for vendors. Every vendor out there now has some form of certification program running. Now we have the likes of Riverbed, Solarwinds etc.... all running cert programs ffs, not exactly huge vendors.

    A good technical interview certainly weeds out the bluffers in the industry. What really grips me are the 'Grads' who come in thinking they can change the world. I enjoy clipping their wings and telling them to wind their necks in – damn those stinking students.
  15. last job i was at, the person heading the installation was a grad who had a degree in textiles, we turned up to site to put switch in and the fibres hadn't been spliced into a fibre tray. She tells customer job will completed by lunchtime, tells us to get a grip and just "wire up" the fibres and i quote "how hard is it to put 2 wires into a plug" that'll be copper wires you're thinking of sweetcheeks!

    Tried to slap us down later saying she was fully qualified to run any project as she was a holder of the prince2 (foundation) qual. the 3 day multi guess exam.