upon recieving a CCJ for some stupidness a few years ago, i find myself in a bit of an odd situation.

When the CCJ was put in place back last april, I set up a direct debit and it went through no probs. About a month later, i get a letter stating that a CAPS form (Centralised Attachement of Earnings Payment System form) stating that a letter had been sent to my employer (whose details i had to give when going through the CCJ) and that my employer had been demanded to pay straight from my wages. I have spent ages ringing the solicitor and the court and have got nowhere complaining of this as i have proof that the amount was paid on time as requested and the contacting my employer was illegal in this case. I even got into trouble at work because of it and lost my position.
After several months, i wrote a snotogram and last week got a cheque from the court service for the entire amount that had been paid from my wages. £750. I cant get an answer as to why i have got this money back. No idea.

Could it be that they are trying to fob me off with returning my money so i dont take legal action?

anyone have any ideas???
Submit Subject Access Requests pursuant to s.7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 to the Court and to the solicitor involved. These cost £10 each, but will mean that they have to send you all the data they hold on you. From them, you will be able to tell who made the cock up, and direct your complaint appropriately.
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