upon recieving a CCJ for some stupidness a few years ago, i find myself in a bit of an odd situation.

When the CCJ was put in place back last april, I set up a direct debit and it went through no probs. About a month later, i get a letter stating that a CAPS form (Centralised Attachement of Earnings Payment System form) stating that a letter had been sent to my employer (whose details i had to give when going through the CCJ) and that my employer had been demanded to pay straight from my wages. I have spent ages ringing the solicitor and the court and have got nowhere complaining of this as i have proof that the amount was paid on time as requested and the contacting my employer was illegal in this case. I even got into trouble at work because of it and lost my position.
After several months, i wrote a snotogram and last week got a cheque from the court service for the entire amount that had been paid from my wages. £750. I cant get an answer as to why i have got this money back. No idea.

Could it be that they are trying to fob me off with returning my money so i dont take legal action?

anyone have any ideas???
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