CCIR anyone heard of it???

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by plw1970, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. I was given a lesson pack to deliver the 7 questions combat estimate lesson, in question two I came accross an abreviation CCIR, I have asked around and nobody seems to know the answer. Someone made a guess "Company Commanders Imediate Response" but I dont think that is correct.

    Any body shed some light on this?

  2. Commander’s Critical Information Requirement

    and my favourite

    The battle staff drill focuses on the commander's critical information requirements (CCIR's). The CCIR's are broken out by the staff's functional areas. CCIR's increase the chances for developing a successful plan by providing the right information in an easily understood format to all parties. Staff interaction in a battle drill highlights CCIR's that assist the commander in making decisions. The staff officer uses the results to update his knowledge of the situation and identify and focus on the CCIR's the commander needs to execute combat operations.
    a nasty americanism I'm afraid
  4. Commander's Critical Information Requirements.

    In other words - what does the Commander really need to know to make his key decisions during the battle. It is used to focus the G2 effort and should be passed down to the lowest level.

    For example: It might be that the key decision is to commit an Attack Helicopter strike, but only when the Enemy tank Reserve is sighted.

    The CCIR would therefore be a sighting of 3 or more T-80 tanks West of the River X.
    Anyone therefore seeing the 3 or more tanks knows that the information is critical and needs to be passed up the chain as soon as possible.
  5. Commander's Critical Information Requirements, split into the fol:

    1. PIR (Priority Information Requirements), information on the enemy
    2. FFIR (Friendly Forces Information Requirements), information on flanking or other relevant friendly forces
    3. EEFI (Essential Elements of Friendly Information), those pieces of information on your own capabilities which must be denied to the enemy

    ......if my memory serves me right!