Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by jaygee, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Just figured if the rest of the cadet organisation is represented, why not CCF, just wondering if there were any others on the site, kind of our own little sub-forum similar to the individual OTC units?
  2. I was in the CCF (RAF)for 6months.
  3. does anyone know why the acf and ccf aren't in a separate forum to the OTC?
  4. OTC, and ACF are all cadets. Just you get paid to a cadet in OTC.
  5. Have been in the CCF for three years and still am.

    The OTC/ACF forum is fine. Number of CCF arrse members doesn't really justify a sub-forum in my opinion, would just be a couple of posts a month I expect.
  6. Aye, were all cadets, just thought i would put a wee bit in for the CCF
  7. The ACF, CCF and OTC are all completely different animals. With the ACF being the most professional and most under-resourced whilst being the army's biggest and most influencing recruiter. OTC are not 'cadets' but adults who come directly under the army structure and come under miltary law....!
  8. ..........but can't get deployed, just like cadets.
  9. I'd agree they're all different - the whole ACF/CCF thing is the difference in who they're trying to recruit from them (the idea being that the CCF are the future Officers, and the ACF soldiers - the training is done on a different kind of slant)

    But surely the OTC are effectively just a different kind of Cadet - yes they are subject to military law, but can leave at any time and can't be mobilised as they're TA (B).

    Back to the point though - I'm sure there are a good few CCF people on here so maybe a sort of sub-forum might be good?
  10. No, can be deployed, but only in the same way type B TA units can be deployed. I.e. Just prior to national conscription or when the British Isles are being overrun.
  11. I agree but would it not be better to have CCF and ACF combined and OTC separate? Filtering through all the student garbage does my head in sometimes, just to get a valid youth's/ youth leaders perspective on things.....
  12. Wassat? CCF are potential officers now? Erm, even though I did go to a grammar school, I can't remember our training ever being tailored to officer stuff:S Mind, due to alcohol intake, can't remember a lot :D
  13. ie. realistically won't be deployed
  14. My god the last lot of CCF cadets i saw would need to be sheared by a farmer before RMAS...and the general rants they leave on my detachments desks ie 'allah is great' would not be the kind of thing future officers should be saying surely.
    Having said that I am from birmingham :)
  15. I think i am right in saying the CCF is the successor to the OTC in schools, so officer link may be a hang over from that.

    A little bit of research and it appears I am right :D (roughly)