Discussion in 'ACF' started by wo1slashedpeak, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. In my local town of Louth in Lincolnshire they have mayors parade each year. Normally the ACF CSM acts as parade marshall and has done so for years. As he cannot spare the time this year the local council have asked an officer from the local CCF at the grammar school to act as parade marshal. There seems to be some confusion whether this officer can actually act as parade marshal or not. Does he have to carry out a risk assesment and send a copy to Brigade for their approval first? Does he need to ask permission from Brigade to actually act as parade marshal? Having never been to Pirbright or Frimley or anywhere to obtain any formal qualifications to act as a parade marshal or even teach drill and having never carried out this role before is it likely Brigade will object? Is it ok for an officer to act as parade marshal as I thought it was supposed to be a warrant officer who acted as parade marshal? I know that its just a local parade but its better to know what he is letting himself in for and what to expect.
  2. Yes, my spelling is crap.
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  5. If anyone who does know the correct proceedure regarding whether Brigade need to be involved etc and the regulations etc for acting as parade marshal and what the protol is then I would appreciate it.

  6. Auld-Yin

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    Desist OBYtD. Wo1etc raises a valid point.

    Regardless of the occasion, in what capacity can a task destined from on High to be carried out by a Warrant Officer be left in the hands of someone holding the Queen's Commision, this is patently impossible, unless said orrifice came through the ranks.

    This is like saying the Major General London District etc (or wharever he is called now) has supremacy over the GSM:wink:
  7. Hi there and thanks for the info. As far as I know the officer who is going to take it is basically a school teacher commisioned as a 2nd Lt. Do Brigade have to be advised or do risk assesments need to be carried out?

  8. havent you been in long enough to know this ?

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  9. wo1's phrasing of the question suggests that he is a bit miffed that he hasn't been invited to take the post of Parade Marshal. He would have been irked if a mere WO2 had been in charge again, but to ask an officer!!!! Now he's looking for an excuse to usurp said officer.

    I have my doubts that wo1 is an ex-Regular WO2, as he claims, due to his demeanour on ARRSE but I would offer him this advice:

    Rather than grump about a situation that you have no control over, why not approach said 2Lt in a friendly manner and offer advice and training in how best for him to conduct the role. Assist to your best ability and take pride in the knowledge that when the parade goes off without a hitch, it was your experience that allowed this to happen.

    If there are faults on the parade, it will be your fault, not the 2Lt's, because you are supposed to steer junior officers in the right direction.

    PS Your PERSEC leaves a lot to be desired.
    (I wonder if either Lt. JMW or Lt SJM logs into ARRSE)
  10. Cadet rulings seem to be very different from British Army regulations. Oh hell! you have found me ou1 At weekends my name is Daphne frilly knickers!

    Sensible replies apprecited but save it please if you havent got any contructive imput to offer thankyou.
  11. I do not have an issue with not being parade marshal myself as I am away that weekend in Brecon. However, there are a lot of ex service personel who attend and it would be good to get it right. In addition; it would be prudent that all thrright permission is obtainned prior to the occassion. Who are JMW and SJM, are they related to LSW and his little friend MINIMI?
  12. I've done the Parade Marshal job in the past at similar events.

    If ACF or CCF personnel are involved a PME form should be completed. This will go up to Brigade (eventually) anyway so they then have the opportunity to squash it should they so wish.

    Risk assessments need to be completed for the ACF/CCF element of the parade only. Your officer can only be responsible for his own personnel.

    If these two pieces of paperwork are completed correctly, everyones' arrse is covered. :)
  13. First off, the parades are not MOD official parades (With the exception of a few).

    They are organised by the RBL, and anyone can be a parade marshal, if invited by the local branch. Of course it always best to get someone who knows a bit and can look the part.

    What do you think they do at small towns, even villages up and down the country?

    You mentioned that you have been on many proper army parades, who gives the orders; a CSM? RSM? Even the officer?
  14. Thanks for the confirmation there HPF. Its nice to get a reply from a grown up.

    Thanks again,
  15. You or anyone else in the town are welcome at anytime to come and chat with me. My days down at Birch Road are long gone but you will find me on the door at one of our towns' night clubs. It is always disappointing to raise a credible and reasonable question and then to receive unwarranted and unconstructive immature replies.

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