Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by teen-smiler, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. HI
    im in the Raf section of my schools ccf (combined cadet force) and im doing nmy NCO cadre and have to do a lesson on the about turn (stationary) and strip and assemble of the cadet gp rifle -im sure thats not the whole name but anyway
    i have it 2morrow
    and i havnt recivced the infomation from the sergeant major and i have no idea what to do!
    we have to break down the about turn into small parts
    all i have is:
    squad squad shun
    *they come 2 attention*
    1: turn 180' to your right
    2. stamp down with your left foot

    is this correct??
    also strip clean and assemble
    saftey catch
    nsp's but dnt fire off action
    take bolts out making sure spring doesnt fly out
    and rest of parts
    and thats all i know
    i have no idea about cleaning either
    is it 4.5mm or 4.5cm? the cleaning thing
    and how do u clean it?/
    many thanks
  2. So, you're doing your NCO cadre but can't remember or do not know how to teach the points? Surely you can use the teachnique used to teach you to do the topics?

    1) Squad (Cautionary word of command - Squad braces), Squad 'tion! (Squad comes to attention)
    2)Depends on what order you're giving them:

    Right turn: Effectively a 90 degree pivot, then bring left leg up to a 90 degree angle and stamp in, as if you were standing to attention.

    Left turn: Same as above, but going left.

    About turn: 180 degree pivot (always to the right) and stamp in with left foot.

    Cleaning of the L98 Cadet Gp Rifle

    1)NSP, Don't fire off the action.
    2)Remove front TMH (Trigger Mechanism Housing) pin as far as possible.
    3)Remove rear TMH pin to first click (not fully as spring will fly out, and you dont want this with basics).
    4)Remove the TMH. Pull the rear TMH pin while covering the end to make sure the Recoil rod and spring don't go flying.
    5)Pull cocking handle back and remove, then slide bolt out.

    make sure to lay them out in an organised order for extra points :) .


    1)Oil lightly all parts of the rifle that are metal on metal (ie, cocking handle rail)
    2) Drop pull-through from the barrel down to the muzzle, fold the square peice of cloth (the name escapes me) neatly to avoid it getting stuck in the barrel, and thread it into the appropriate hole. then pull through barrel, checking it each time until it's clean.
    3)The other end is for any rust/other rubbish in barrel, but basically it's the same principle apart from you screw it on.
    4)Use the brushes to clean the rifle generally all over.

    When re-assembling the rifle remember:
    1) Check the barrel before re-assembling
    2) When putting the bolt back in, make sure the small metal wheel goes along the bar inside the rifle, only bring the bolt to the hole so you can put cocking handle back in.
    3)The rest is common sense; the reverse of how you did it when unassembling.
    4) Do functions check afterwards, basically same as an NSP apart from you pull the trigger when safety is on to check it is working.
    5) Remember the new change! Close dust cover with the right hand!

    This should cover you; if you need any more PM me. God bless the ACF :wink:
  3. Thank you so much!
    im printing that all off!
    thats so much help seriosly i dnt know what to say , thats excelennt thank you
    now i need 2 prepare 2 lessons :(
    thank you so much!
  4. Check your PM's for some ideas.
  5. Dust cover with right hand? Is there reason for this?
  6. No idea. Sorry. Ease maybe??
  7. cadets are taught right hand side of the weapon right hand, left hand side of the weapon left hand. obviously a few exceptions i.e. holding the chamber open. at least that was what i was taught when i was a cadet.
  8. Not since I last spoke to a cadet (about two weeks ago). All drills are done with the left hand, except cocking the rifle and disengaging the safety catch. The weapon is not controlled unless you have a hand on the pistol grip.

    RAF Potential NCO: when teaching your about turn lesson, use the timing: 1..2..3...1 (I assume you've heard this before). If the cadets all shout it out when they practice, they should get it together pretty quickly.
  9. Eh? Dust cover is put up with left hand.
  10. This is basic stuff and your trying to become an NCO, worrying.
  11. Thank you, i read that AFTER my lesson but nevertheless thank you! I just have my skill at arms lesson 2 do now.

    There wasa group of4 of us, doing the drill in a group, i was the last 1 2 go and every1 else used 1,2 as in turn, 1, stamp 2, but as he debriefed everyone at the end of each lesson he told them off for doing 1,2 and not 1,2,3,1 so i used it yay! and passed, ok so did 3/4 but stil, i dislike shouting!!
    Thanks to everyone for their help!
  12. A useless change in the training that in practise only succeeds in making the drills more annoying. My recommendation is to use the right hand in assesments and left hand the rest of the time.
  13. One important thing to remember is that some people will not understand your teaching. Don;t beast them or shout at them (unless they are being particularly slow on the uptake) as it makes life shit for all involved.

    Crrot works better than stick in most instances. Use that in your skill at arms lesson if someone fails to do well and you should probably get a high grade.

    i passed
    ok my skill at arms lesson was poor but it passed and anyway i self admitedly despise rifles and am not good with them.

    Anyway ive passed NCO cadre now so after my 3week easter holiday, i will get promoted, to Junior Corporal :)
    Thanks for all your help everyone :)
  15. Will we be doing this all over again for senior corporal, or whatever you call you next rank? :?

    Congratulations anyway :)