CCF in ALL Secondary schools?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by seaweed, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

  2. Daily Wail headline:

    'Mad politicians want to arm children with deadly machine guns'
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  3. I wonder were the money is going to come from. The MoD is skint, the MoE is also skint.
  4. Wont that be the Guardian's headline?

    Daily mail would be,
    Government train immigrant street gangs how to kill with machine guns
  5. How's about the Dept for Edumakashun? OK, so some inner-city kids will have to sit in Portakabins for a bit longer, but they could always pretend they're in the Fuhrerbunker.
  6. Aye Broon mentioned it a few years ago as well don't seem to see any progress. Anyway who'd staff it?
  7. Or how about sack all the equality and diversity, five a day, GLBT and global warming 'experts', 'advocates' and 'co-ordinators' that education departments the length and breadth of the country are stuffed with?
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  8. It's a good idea but would cost serious amounts of cash and gets zero support from Teachers.
    Who may have problems with the military or not but don't fancy "volunteering" for the ccf or question spending the cash on a nice to have.
  9. It would be nice, but unachievable in the Cadet forces current set up...

    If the ACF, ATC, SCC and CCF, as now, were moulded in to single structure (using the CCF as a model) and moved on to school premises then we could start to see this happening. The ACF dets could move in to the school and merge with other forces.

    It's costly to do, and what is most importat, at the moment we can close down dets and move them as needed. If you have a school run det (ie an CCF contingent) you tend to get teh school thinking it is 'theirs' and they may not like the idea of their det being closed down.
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  10. The CCF/ACF/Sea Cadets/Cubs/Brownies etc are youth clubs. The same risk assement style appraisal will be undertaken whether "little Jonnie" is sat around his hexi block being all snurgley and warry heating up his bright orange bangers and beans or sat around the camp fire with "Brown owl" singing songs and scorching marshmellows.

    It's a kids club and if money is getting allocated to it then fair play, saves the little fcukers getting into the shit doing something else.
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  11. Generally a "good idea" but I echo the questions above about finding the instructors and money. My 1970s vintage CCF survived on a mix of wartime, national service and ex-TA officers. I doubt too many schools can generate the same now but that's a matter of willing.

    Develop the course accordingly too. If you're out to develop self respect and self reliance then it'll be heavier on the A/T and DofE side which might fit the instructors' skill sets better than the drill and tactics side.
  12. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The CCF I was in had (and needed) its own armoury managed by a retired sergeant major on the school payroll. The RAF section had (and needed) its own hut. Plus, the Thursday afternoon activities, quite apart from a large area of asphalt for parading, took up quite a lot of ground. The teachers who ran it were fresh back from the war (one had a DSO). In those far-off days those who were not seeking to be professionals (i.e. nearly everybody else) had national service staring them in the face and I believe in the Army a CCF Certificate 'A' chiselled a few weeks off basic.

    The moral benefit to me of selflessly hurling myself onto the wormcasts to perfect the lying load with an SMLE is unquestionable, but, more enjoyably, the RAF section put me up for a Flying Scholarship - thirty hours on a Tiger Moth resulting in a private pilot's Licence, at 17 before I joined the Navy.

    Today I believe the benefit to the youngster can be enormous, but the cost needs to be funded and how many of today's generation of schoolteachers would volunteer top 'officer' the CCF I do wonder. Also the kids who need to be reached may not be the same ones that volunteer to join.
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  13. Anyone here been to a CCF recently?

    The DofE and Adv Trg and the developmental parts of the activities are very much in ascendence. Drill is often low ont he agenda.

    Whilst teachers are often painted with the left wing brush, the few State School CCFs, the 'closed' ACF dets (anACF det attached to a school) and the ACF dets housed on school premisis (a quasi-closed det) often get a LOT of support from the teachers.

    It isn't hard to see the advantages of such activies... as one teacher made clear to me after pulling his (now enthusiastic and buzzing kids) from the lake. They just lashed together 3 canadians and stacked 6 kayaks on top (with kayakers int he boats) and paddled accros a lake, using rope skills and canoing skills they'd picked up over the course of 3 days. The rain mattered not one jot after about 15 mins.

    You should see the difference in the Cadets after a week on the SCIC.
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  14. Plus there would be the issue of were to sotre weapons if they were allowed to train with them. My old school is about as secure as jelly and I'd bet they would be increasinly targeted by criminal elements trying to obtain them. Way back in the day late 80's early 90's a det of my old ACF was broken into and weaopns stolen which were later recovered.

    You could also centrailse them but were? TAC's aren't in enough places and who would collect/return them? Then there's the issue with BFG winding down and trying to fit everyone into ranges/training area's camps etc.

    I think the exsisting cadet branches are going to suffer due to the draw down never mind trying to add more into the mix.
  15. It will be seen as some as a bit Hitler Youth, why does it have to be CCF? Are there no other youth groups that can be set up in schools? Will it be compulsory, always doomed to failure. What about YFA or how to use JCB's?
    Oh and where's the money coming from?