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Saw on Facebook that the kids have voted for the best CCF in the country. Do you agree with their votes? Of course this could be tainted by the kids actually on Facebook However, I think that the majority of kids are.

22 to NRGS CCF
14 to Brighton College CCF
13 to HABS CCF
10 to Reading Bluecoat CCF
8 to Merchant Taylors' CCF
8 to Stamford School CCF
8 to King’s School Rochester CCF
7 to Trinity CCF
7 to Royal Russell School CCF
6 to City of London CCF
6 to Mill Hill CCF
5 to Birkenhead School CCF
4 to Brentwood School CCF
4 to Robert Gordons College CCF
4 to Victoria College CCF
4 to King’s School Rochester CCF
3 to Wilson's School CCF
3 to Bedford School CCF
3 to Bury Grammar CCF
3 to Sutton CCF
3 to Bradfield College CCF
3 to Bangor Grammar CCF
3 to Whitgift School CCF
3 to St. Columba's College CCF
3 to St Albans School CCF
2 to King William's College CCF
2 to Bradford Grammar CCF
2 to Oakham School CCF
2 to Calday CCF
2 to Pate's Grammar CCF
2 to Shrewsbury School CCF
2 to King Edward VI CCF
2 to Stonyhurst CCF
2 to Newcastle Under Lyme CCF
2 to Tonbridge School CCF
2 to London Oratory CCF
2 to Dulwich College CCF
2 to Maidstone Grammar School CCF
2 to Birkhamsted CCF (in at 2)
2 to Bedford Modern School CCF
2 to Chichester High School CCF
2 to Eastbourne College CCF
2 to Duke of York's CCF
1 to Strathallan School Royal Marines CCF.
1 to Nottingham High CCF
1 to Welbeck CCF
1 to Leads Grammar CCF
1 to Sowe School CCF
1 to Winchester CCF
1 to Abingdon School CCF
1 to Kimbolton School CCF
1 to Warwick School CCF
1 to Monmouth School CCF
1 to Christs Hospital (horsham) CCF
1 to Hampton School CCF
1 to Wellingborough School CCF
1 to Queen Mary's Grammar CCF
1 to Fettes CCF
1 to Exeter School CCF
1 to High Wycombe CCF
1 to St Peters CofE High School CCF
1 to Glenalmond College CCF
1 to The Skinners School CCF
1 to Royal Wolverhampton School CCF
1 to Wellington School CCF
1 to Lord Wandsworth College CCF
1 to Thomas Hardye School CCF
1 to Pangbourne College CCF
I know of a number of Abingdon School ex-CCF guys who are on Facebook, so I'd say that those numbers aren't exactly representative of the overall CCF population.
You tube is good for CCF videos. By good, I mean shocking. Of course.

Just the haircuts and half-arsed lazy turnout nearly gave me an aneurism. Never mind their ideas of Section battle drills/REEF or skill at arms.

Okay, its meant to be a bit of fun, but some of them were clearly dangerous, and a good number of them don't look to be enjoying it either.
Doesn't help that some CCFs are compulsory, or semi compulsory (by which I mean, you join in whichever year and have to choose one of three 'service activities', which could be CCF, conservation and helping old folks out at their home [guess they call that community service these days]); how many people of age 13 would want to do the latter two? Probably a sad reflection on society, in ways.
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