CCF Basic Course

Discussion in 'ACF' started by nastyberganchafe, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Hey,

    Looking for the gen on the pre-course requirements for this course.

    Also any other info on the course itself.

  2. Erm...

    Be a pupil at a public school?
  3. The course is run as the equivalent of the ACF adult instructors course and concentrates on the following


    3. CCF Basic. The course syllabus is based on the premise that students have little or no military experience. The course comprises a mixture of lectures, instructional periods and practice and involves some outdoor training on field-craft including section attacks and a short night exercise and range work. Subjects include basic Foot Drill, Personal Field-craft, Skill-at-Arms(SAA) L98A2) (introduction to and practice of Methods of Instruction (MOI), on the Cadet GP Rifle (L98A2) and live firing on the range preceded by .22 indoor range shoot), Map Reading, Patrolling/Ambushes and introduction to the Obstacle Course.

    PM me if you want the course outline

    If you are ex 10 PARA mate gen up you will be bored shitless !