CCF affiliations


I know it can be done I’m just trying to find out the processes involved.

The situation is that I’m soon to become an SSI with a relatively new Contingent Commander, the CCF, Army section has a very loose affiliation with 3 Scots who have provided no help in any shape or form

Because of this she, the Contingent Commander, is toying with the idea of changing this arrangement.

Any comments, constructive, or pointers would be appreciated
Stick with 4 2, there’s at least one officer Scots that went to your school ;)
Cadets have always provided the army with the good bad n posted out.

Ask around you never know


Option one: Approach your affiliated regiment for support. The aren't likely to email you and offer stuff unprompted.
Option two: Find a local unit who is keen to help out and change affiliation to them. You need to request a change in affiliation via your brigade, and should provide a good reason for doing so. If your affiliated unit can't/won't provide support and a local unit will, this will work in your favour.


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Whilst I don't have any experience of relations with ACF / CCF other than the odd bit of training here and there, I've not yet come across a regiment that doesn't take their affiliations seriously. As with most things in the Army, they probably need a bit of a reminder... People post in and out all the time, and it may have slipped under the radar. I suspect some rapport building is in order.

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