CCF 2010 Comemoration and Help for Heroes Charity Dinner

Discussion in 'ACF' started by FFAGrimReaper, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. This post has been posted with permission from the Moderator "maninblack"

    This dinner is still being organised but here's the heads up for any members of the CCF on ARRSE.

    Three Course formal dinner for around 300 people, Cadets, staff and a few Ex-cadets will also be successful in applying for tickets.

    Where? Armoury House, HAC, LONDON

    When? 8th January, 2010, evening (time tbc)
    Dignitaries? We're inviting some very senior people from all three services and we're waiting on a response for a very very senior member of society with HRH at the front. (watch this space).

    Price? Yes, the MoD gave no money for any cadet 2010 events so our costs do have to passed on. Howver, working hard on your behalf has produced a supprisingly low price. Still to be confirmed it'll be (most likely) less that £50.

    This is unfortunately only open to the CCF and not the ACF, however if you work, or are a cadet in both, you are eligable.

    For now, Contingent Commanders or SSI's are getting first grabs on tickets, but soon I'll post back here, and on the Facebook Group "A Current or Ex Member of Any CCF Contingent" how individuals can apply.

    This should be a fantastic way to celebrate 150 years of cadet activity, and I really hope to see you there.

    Thanks very much,
    Head Organiser

    edited to include moderators permission.
  2. Three course dinner for Cadets, Staff and a few ex cadets – your opening gambit

    For now Contingent Commanders or SSI's are getting first grabs on tickets – the actual fact

    So face facts mate a big “I am” fest where actual cadets will be in the minority but an awesome chance for people to say “I was there”

    "MOD given no money" and "working hard on your behalf", trying to legitimise a big piss up for a chosen few

    But then again I am cynical
  3. It looks that way to me too, obviously a big 'look at me' fest for those who weren't breast fed as children...........................and those from a public school environment who can't spell commemorate!!
  4. Sorry I didn't express myself well enough clearly.

    Essentially: No it's not. the reason CO's and SSI's are getting "first grabs" is so that they can buy tickets at contingent level, so that their cadets can go.

    It's first grabs because I don't want a million ex cadets and officers getting to tickets first.

    we had a ratio worked out but we're looking for around 80% attendance by current cadets

    Try not to jump down my throat at the first oportunity guys. This is something I'm trying very hard to make an excellent event, by cadets for cadets. I'm not an SSI or CO. I'm an ex cadet and a uni student. I have no interest in boosting any egos.

    As I said before, feel free to contact me with any other concerns or questions. I will be happy to answer them, before they become a massive issue if at all possible :)

    Edited for typos
  5. Are we talking CCF uniform here, or black tie, or just smart?
  6. Black tie (with miniatures for those who've earnt them)

  7. I say that's not very politically correct you should not refer to small people as miniatures.......they are dwarves, midgets or if they are not big or not clever- cretins!!
  8. haha appologies to any offended by that lack of political correctnes... HANG ON.. what am I saying.. this is a post on ARRSE, it's almost obligatory to be slightly outspoken isn't it? :p

  9. 57 state schools in the UK have CCFs,so not all public school idiots,some are CHAVs! Yes I am CHAV and SSI at a state school ex CCF/TA and Regs, only RN but still senior service! Awaiting the witty response!
  10. In fairness you're pretty unlikely to be a CHAV, holding a position of responsibility and having served.

    To me, a chav is someone who's general outlook on life is one which caused the ASBO to be invented. It is not somebody who's parents couldn't or didn't send them to a pPobarg - I'm dyslexic you ublic school.

    However, if you do like to go around beating up old ladies and stealing purses, then feel free to continue proclaiming yourself a chav! (and then hend yourself in to the Police) :D

    @Pobarg - I'm dyslexic!

    If your contingents have a small ensemble of musicians who might particularly want to take part it would be worth getting in touch as we are trying to get as many cadet ensembles as possible to have to opportunity to perform infrom of 300-odd peers.

    Edited for typos
  11. By CHAV I meant I was brought up in a council house,which my parents still live in!
  12. Different definitions for different men ;)

  13. FFAG is the band bit you mentioned anything to do with the selection thing down at BRNC? We have a cadet going there already
  14. no I don't think so. at the moment ensemble-wise we are just tryingto gauge interest to see if we are going to have to limmit those who can play etc.

    It's worth getting in touch as an officer working for the Greaterlondon Teritorials and Cadets Assoc. is looking into getting London based cadets to do it all...

  15. Have you got a contact email so I can ask about the band then please?