Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Widow_69, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick question. In these times of skintness why do we spend millions on sending guys to the states on Crimson Eagle to learn CCA?
    I can think of plenty of other things, that we would use, that would be cheaper and that are more relevant.
  2. Dont say such things.Better to do it in the states than a wet and windy STANTA.
  3. Widow 69 - if you've been on Crimson Eagle then you know it's not our exercise. Its one of the AAC's PDT serials. We just jump on because the airframes are there and are live firing - hence we are saving money by combining two PDT activities in one exercise!!
  4. Arh I see,my error. Ive been on it yet. Just heard that CCA is not really used as the JTAC takes the lead.
  5. again..... misinformation.... everybody in the FSTmust be CCA competant, and every man at the gun end should be able to carry out ECCA.
  6. As Master Gunner has stated all elements of an FST are CCA trained. However CCA is very rarely used. Rotary CAS from the JTAC or from the TACP is the most common and safest way to control AH. I cannot recall the last time a CCA controller controlled AH with Kenetic effect. Widow_69 with a name like that you should know all about it.
  7. Well that is pretty high. Was that due to no JTAC available? I know FSE's are pretty common now due to lack of FST's. Im just after an update for my PDT.
  8. not lack of FSTs..... just an abundance of tasklines
  9. edited as I now have the answer.
  10. CCA is not 'controlled', rather a target indication for the AH to act upon under his own ROE. This is the fundamental difference between the two disciplines, hence the differing training/currency requirements.
  11. I concur Flip Flop, my error in wording.It would be interesting to hear a CCA trained soldier to say that, once again definitions lost in transit.
  12. Well lots of lads in my corp that are CCA trained have visions of'' bringing the rain'' as a full time job. Where I have had to complete a 5 week FAC course, numerous other training events and a CR course to have the same effect.Seems that someone will be let down a little,and it wont be me.
  13. It's not the AH we want to work with though. I would argue that although it is cheaper to piggy back onto the AAC ex it's not necessarily the best value for money. This is in terms of the number of controls guys are getting on the ex. Going half way accross the world for the chance of a couple of controls isn't the best use of money or the time of the new FAC's who need controls and to drop live. Turning up to visit some Yank Sqns in the hope of being able to work with them is all well and good IF their serials include CAS is not then you have sh1t out. Also having to devote time to simulate being CCA controller is also not a good use of the FAC's time.
    What CE needs is someone from the FAC community involved at recce/planning stage.
  14. Ha not a chance that may encroach on the ''Gunner empire'' building. SupFACs will be in SMIG hats next. In fact 4 BDE PDT .....
  15. So no more SupFACs then.
    Whats it gonna be then? SMIJ(Jedi)?