CC blocks Anya thread SHOCK!!

Should we hold an ARRSE Gladiators as the next Christmas bash...for charity of course!??

  • Yes...this sounds like a stunning idea...Micky Dees, you are a star.

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  • No...this is a crap idea....go back to where you have been hiding Mickey Dees...and never come back.

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Mind was only just starting to get interesting.....


Meanwhile, please feel free to resume the gladiatorial sounds like a shockingly good idea, if carried out in a legal sort of way.

"ARRSE Gladiators"

Can I go first with Dale, BBC and a Pugle Stick? (Promise I won't aim for sensitive bits girls.....I'd be dying of laughter throughout...honest...and I'd let you win eventually..!)

whiffler said:
Who is Micky Dees ?
The instigator of "ARRSE Gladiators"...ask around.

I may be hiding in the background....but I am still here....and...I'm Lovin' it!

Bah da bup bup bah!

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