CBT/OLT (OnLine Training)?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Merlin745, Dec 14, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone tried delivering lessons via Distance Learning Packages?

    Have just been looking around this site ATutor Learning Content Management System. Using this would prevent us from having to run courses for a small number of siggies (which takes up a considerable amount of resources) and it would run under Linux (which like atutor is also free). Looks quite simple to setup and get running

    Any know of any other free packages that would do the same?
  2. There is a CBT (Computer Based Training) cell based in Blandford, who take the lead on this sort of thing. They produced the CD ROM that gets sent to people in advance of the SATCOM Managers' Course - which I believe was the first use of distance learning by the Corps. I am not sure what other courses now have distance learning elements?

    There is also a project called DLP (Defence Learning Portal) which is intended to provide the IS infrastructure to host e-learning courses Defence-wide, which should grow over the next few years - mainly because it is much cheaper! I can not remember which software they will use, but it is some specialist LCMS (Learning Content Management System) package(s).

    IMHO distance learning has some merit, but there are potential problems - people must be given sufficient time off work to study for a start!
  3. The CBT based package in my opinion a waste of time. Having had to sit through a module to "experience" the trg value that the soldiers will gain I found that its a case of monkey see monkey do. Soldiers need to be trained on and with the eqpt they are expected to operate in the field. A mock up on a computer screen just not provide the authenticity of and practical experience gained when getting hands on the kit. This is not a whinge just an observation, one that was passed up the chain of command whilst I was at Blandford.
  4. Quite agree, but I think it has its place - I wouldn't think of using CBT for practical work maybe just the theory side (i.e. setting det up OJT and theory behind the kit CBT).

    Isn't BOWMAN partly delivered by CBT?
  5. BOWMAN is delivered entirely by emulation or CBT and believe me it is pisch!! :(
  6. Moving on one more step and you could get rid of the instructor. Lets face it, all he does is advance the slides :D no great loss :? :?
  7. Some of them even fail to do that at the reqd speed :lol: