Cbt High boots

After my search for a spoon - still unfulfilled, btw - this is going to attract some incoming :)

Does anyone have a pair of Size 8 medium CBT high boots, surplus to requirements, and with some tread and heel left?

I'm looking at doing the PARA10. Now if I have to do this in boots, I have a problem, as the only boot I could ever run in, apart from DMS, was Cbt High. shit for anything else, but I found great for running. Matts were crap, and my old assault boots have cracked.

I know the damm thing was EOL'd a decade ago or more... but hoping?


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Good luck to you. In the 1970s i broke in a new pair of DMS every six months by running three miles in them.

Got my first pair of CH about 1983/4, ran three miles in them to break them in and I still have the scars over my Achilles tendons.
I know, daft isn't it. They were useless for almost anything other than loafing about camp. But, I found them really good for running in, and they didn't need much breaking in.

I did have a pair mouldering away in bottom of bergan, but lent them to a friend's son several years ago and never got them back.

9 M any good for you?
Possibly... thinking about it... with a pair of thick socks.
I have acquired a few buckshees, llet me know if you cant get any 8's mate.

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