Cbt 95.Is It Going?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by armies, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone assist?...Ive heard that the standard c95 working dress is being phased out and replaced. (hasnt been in long in army terms).

    If so when and with what?
  2. There's constant rumours of it. Luckily the Army's poorer than a Frenchman living next door to a brothel so it's not likely to happen any time soon.
  3. I've seen the odd person walking around with denims (minus the map pocket) so are we taking a step backwards? you never know perhaps in a few years time they'll re-introduce OGs and Battle dress
  4. There are places where the last but one uniform is still the fashion; are you sure you weren't in one of those select establishments?

  5. The pocket-less denims are what are now classed as barrack dress!

    None of that shiney green wire wool that people of a certain age had to wear :cyclopsani:
  6. What about digital cam like the septics have?

    As JBM said, were skint so it will definitely be a long term plan, but most likely one that will come into play at some point.
  7. I dont see how it will save money, surely barrack dress is more expensive than cbt 95 trousers and shirts?

    Not only that, but barrcks dress isnt practiacl for day to day duties around camp.

    Sounds like the pre cbt 95 uniform..does that meant its time to get out the olive green shirts (horrible) and wolly jerseys??

    Id rather pay and keep the 95 kit in, its easier to keep your creases !
  8. Ahhhh ... plastic trousers, jersey heavy wool, shirt KF. So many memories, few of them fond.
  9. Can anybody explain the trend of wearing Jumper Itchy over Cmbt 95 kit, I think it looks as ridiculous as my spelling, once the choice dress of the officer corps but now spreading to the average soldier?
    thoughts please
  10. Last i heard (and this was from the boss man of my troop so not duty rumour):

    Cbt 95 is to stop being worn, as the wear and tear on it is far too great. That and the fact that you iron the bloody thing and it loses its IR capability after a while....soooo.... the solution you may ask?

    Say hello to the old friends - Jersey, Heavy wool, PVC OG shirts and, god forbid...Lightweights, og, mans.

    Supposed to be at some point in mid 2007, if it happens or not ill be surprised.

    All i was told was make sure your lightweight fit and are ironed...so go figure eh?

    Not heard bugger all about changing CS95 though...

  11. its been mentioned in a few threads before.

    i for one hope that it never comes back to lightweights.... horrible memories of itching and walking around on eggshells trying to keep them clean.

    plus it reminds me of blandford
  12. The old working dress- pre 1996..olive shirts, denims..with a jumper in winter. Sounds like were going back rather than forwards.

    But its easier to iron your cbt 95 working dress, than the lightweights and olive shirts!! As for wearing jumpers with cbt 95 shirts/trousers, the only units i saw do this was 2 and 3 para a few years back. Personally, i thought it looked ok, gives a bit of warmth in winter aswell. You can also see someones rank from a mile off, with the big white stripes on the right arms!!

    So, if lightweights and jumpers come back in, what about shirts?...please tell me the issued olive shirts that have been in peoples lockers for 10 years, are not coming back?!!!
  13. I dont know why we cant wear green sweatshirts with cbt trs for winter time and for summer green polo shirts.Most big companys with uniforms
    use this type of attire so they must be cheap!
    Only problem I can see is how to wear rank,worn on wrist in summer no prob,what about winter?
  14. Because it would look gay?
  15. could have rank badges on baseball caps with diffrent colors for corps\regiments
    or maybe a name tag with so many gold stars
    soldier 2010you saw it here first :thumbdown: