CBS: Why Do The British Hate Bush?

CBS) By London Producer Tucker Reals
The British can't stand President Bush.

Reaction to the midterm election has been clear and unvaried.

"At Last, U.S. Wakes Up And Boots Idiot Bush," read a headline in the tabloid Mirror. "It's The War, Stupid," the more respected Independent advised the U.S. president.

As an American living in London, the first thing one becomes accustomed to is English people putting on a bad Texas accent in pubs and cracking jokes at the expense of our president.

After six years in office, his efficacy as a punch-line seems to have worn off little. Perhaps that's because Mr. Bush came into office as the very image of all things the Brits tend to make fun of America for anyway — he swaggers, takes himself very seriously and has an accent that most here think of as typically "American."

So the political smack down dealt to Mr. Bush in Tuesday's election was well-deserved and long overdue in the minds of everyone I have spoken to on the subject over here.

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I don't hate him, I enjoy heavily polarised Geopolitical situations. But I have always been kinky that way.
I think he is funny its my wife how calls him THE IDIOT she is from Texas
Well having never met the man I can't say I "hate" him but I do dislike him and above all his politics. Some reasons:-

1. Never served his country on operational duties by getting a safe posting to an air national guard unit

2. Not ratifying the Kyoto agreements

3. Doing nothing effective to stop the Isrealis bombing civilian targets in Lebanon

4. By surrounding himself with bible bashing neocons who scare the shit out of the rest of us

5. By launching an un-necessary war in Iraq and then not giving the US military the resources it needed to win the peace

6. When he finished his announcement to the US public that the war in Iraq had started he finished (off air but on camera) by punching the air and shouting "I feel good!"

7. When asked a direct question he seems incapable of making a coherent reply.
If George would stop hanging about with that slimy git now resident in No 10 I'd think better of him.
There's no justimificastionism in these jibatory remarks.
Some of the comments are hilarious. Love the one about how we Brits occupied Scotland and Wales. I'm sure in geography lessons Yanks have a big map of the USA with the words "The world" below it.
This week Ken Ableman had the nerve to blame Bliar for not telling Bush what we all know about Iraq, as if he is the listening type.

Speaking of putting on accents, the best Bush impression (IMHO) is by John Stewart on the Daily Show.
rockhoppercrab said:
I love Bush, but i do prefer it shaved :D
well said that man! :lol:

I'd say that most Brits hate him because all the evidence points to him being a complete cnut (and not the good kind - see above)... Seems the seppos have finally woken up to this view as well
I don't hate him, I just think he's a Pkcir. Anyone who worships that slimeball Blair the way he does deserves alienation.
He seems like a slow-witted, uninformed, arrogant religious nut (no c intended). He reminds me of those Americans you meet who know and care little about the rest of the world, who consider the US to be the centre of the world and show disregard for the rest of us.

Somebody who you watch and look forward to their fall.

If Bush was a British Officer, he would have reached his ceilling as a 2 Lt and been posted to Benbecula as OC butts party.
I would like someone to draw a 'Farside' cartoon of the pair of them in about 10 years time:

Picture this; Bush as a duddery old F*rt in a rocking chair on the porch of a run-down farm with the faithful old gun-dog (looking a bit like TB) at his feet.

Caption: "Hillary - get the shot gun, that damn Osma is in the hen house again!!!!!!!!"

Maybe hi missus will do a better job!?!
Because his family came from Somerset?

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