Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robo_robert, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys, looking for a bit of advice.

    I understand the CBRN masks have your eyesight prescription in the lenses for people that wear glasses, and possible contact lenses. However what if a person like myself wears glasses and contact lenses (at different time of course), what lenses would be recommended to be in the mask. This is because i normally wear contacts but in training will probably wear glasses.

    Any advice?

  2. Get the one that works best when aiming a rifle.

    Unless you're a BDO. :)
  3. Or have I misunderstood?

    The lenses in the respirator are based on your specs prescription. You shouldn't be wearing contacts in CBRN, though I understand that some people do (but how they operate with, effectively, two pairs of glasses at the same time, I'll never know).
  4. i would get ones with your prescrition lenses fitted as soon as you can. you can always have a spare ressi without them fitted to use when you have contacts in. as friend of mine was in for years before he finally got one with the lenses fitted. mind you he had to be mobilised to get them :D
  5. Just fill in the form and they come through the system. It's quick enough. The biggest delay is getting round to ask for the form. Tick the right box on the form and you also get a free pair of gucci "as worn by the SAS" spectacles.

    Tick the box asking for "aviator style" glasses (yes, it's really on the form) and you'll probably get the form back, together with a size 9 up your backside. :)
  6. The advice always used to be not to wear contacts under the S10, which is why you get the eyepieces ground. The reason was that you really don't want to get anything nasty behind your lenses.

    CS is bad enough as it is without trapping it in your eyes.

    Of course this dates from when CBRN was called NBC and current advice may have changed.
  7. Current advice has not changed.

    Still on the safety brief if any student is to participate training in the RTF where CS is used, they must not be wearing contact lenses.

    Most of the guys i put throught the RTF just take their contacts out before, then put them back in after the deed is done. God knows what they can see without corrective lenses in.
  8. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    I've worn contacts in the chamber numerous times without dramas, although I was warned about it as others have stated.
    As I usually wear contacts, taking them in and out in the field is the biggest hassle, having to ensure clean fingers!
  9. It's against all advice but I had someone in the RTF today with contacts and no dramas.

    Safety brief was given!
  10. I am on a police CBRN team, and couldn't be arrsed with the faffing about. had laser surgery, that sorted it. If you can't afford £2k, carry specs with you, pop em into your top pocket of the outer garment, pop rezzy on with fitted lenses - not a problem if it's just an RTF ex. I concede it's a pain in the 'arris if you're on ex in the field or deployed on live ops!!
  11. Soldiers are not allowed to have private laser surgery.
  12. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    However as this is posted in the "Just TA" section you could tell the MOD to get fscked.
  13. That’s great thanks for the useful advice. So will it take a long time to get the prescription lenses? And what is the process regarding getting them done?

  14. It's a bit more complicated than that. See the discussion here.

  15. Tell your admin that you need respirator lenses. They'll give you a form to take to an optician where you get an eye test done. If they do it right, there should be a couple more measurements than usual, but even if they don't fill in all the boxes, the lenses still seem to work. Get a receipt for the eye exam.

    Take the form back to your admin. Claim back the cost of the eye exam (presumably via JPA now) and wait.

    It could take as little as 2 weeks for the lenses to arrive, though it's likely to be longer. 6 weeks probably would be the point where you start jumping up and down, after all, they're produced by civvies so delays are probably down to somebody in green not passing the form on.

    You're supposed to give them to your CBRN instructor to fit into your respirator. Mine told me "You do it." and that was that. It's not exactly brain surgery (but make sure that they're the right way round) :)