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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by quiller, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. Can somebody remind me how moving to the CBRN role went for the Royal Yeomanry, was it a boon for retention and recruitment or not? and how do the people who stayed feel about it now?

    A few from the RTR perspective would be nice too.
  2. In a word Shite
  3. Embrace CBRN recce, it is as close to a guarantee of survival as it is possible to get nowadays. More importantly, it (specialist, manoeuvre CBRN) is a genuinely vital task and I suspect will see the RY employed in role on operations as a formed unit/subunits again in the next 10 to 15 years. Not many other TA units can say this with much certainty.
  4. You funny guy

    It was a made up role to secure this unit, however since the reserves are expanding and not getting the chop this so called role was a waste of time and has been detrimental to the sub units involved. where as the rest of the TA has somthing to look forward to, the RY sadly has only got dire manning and piss poor retention. And where the rest of the Yeomanry will enjoy a healthy future this mob may have to endure the embarressment of disbanding, if their not very careful.
  5. I suspect that this is a direct result of the Army ceasing CBRN training sometime in the next year or so, although the Army would be required to maintain some sort of specailisation. Two things concern me however:

    1) What will all the Assistant CBRN Instructors do now that they haven't got the leverage to pass all their MATTs without having to get off their fat arses.

    2) How will we protect our young fighting men on a Saturday night from the local female populus now that the importance of 'Blot, Bang, Rub' will be consigned to history?
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  6. Personally, I think the "CBRN is shit" line is overplayed.

    If you to visit almost any FTX of any Yeomanry Regiment these days, you will find guys tonking about in Land Rovers doing a variety of rear-area security and recce tasks. The only difference is that the RY have bods trained in CBRN to level higher than MATTs, which translates into the occasional recce/survey task during normal exercise play.

    It's not even like the old days of a week-long exercise in dress state 4R, or the mind-numbing routine of working in an IBDS box-body...
  7. The move to NBC Recce was all Fuched up.
  8. Higher level?
  9. I tend to agree with the CBRN is shit being overplayed. I had a lot of dealings with the CBRN Regiment on TELIC and had a lot of respect for what they did (even if every time a Coallition jet flew over it set off their equipment.....and we all 4R'd up).

    The thing that has alway pissed me off about NBC/CBRN Training has always been the lack of imagiation of the instruction. Was it me or did the training always involve suffering at the hands of some sadistical nobody with nothing better to do?
  10. CBRN MATT = how to survive in a CBRN threat environment

    RY CBRN tasks = how to be useful in a CBRN environment (principally recces/surveys, including the use of something more than CAM/LCAD/MCAD)
  11. That's why people often think of CBRN stuff as being 'shit' - unimaginative training - if done properly, CBRN training should involve how to spend as little time as possible in 4R.

    Who were you with in Telic, btw?
  12. tasks that any unit could fulfill and equipment thats on every ET account in the land,
  13. Could, but don't.

    partly because they don't care, and partly because they've got other stuff to keep them busy.

    I also suspect that in the demise of Jt Regt, some of the more specialised bits of kit for conducting CBRN recce/survey (tasks that likely won't fall to the RAF regt) might end up on there way to Croydon...
  14. badgers ive sent you a PM
  15. all it would take is a new threat assesment from the spooks,and any cbrn unit would be covered in money and pr,why do you think the rocks are so keen.