Having heard on rumour control that...

a) The RAF are desperate to maintain the profile of the RAF Regiment and justify its existence (hmm.. I think there's a thread in that somewhere) they're readying themselves to take over the Jt NBC Recce Regt. Leaving little need for the RTR and RY.

b) The RAF are no longer interested in CBRN and Strike Command are considering withdrawing funding - leaving the burden on the RTR and RY.

Both sources tapped their noses and spoke of having heard from contacts high up in MoD.

Who is right?

Not a member of either RTR or RY, but would love to see the RAF with the job. Yes it is valuable, under appreciated role etc. But I want them to do it. :D Try to swagger, looking hard waving a wand. Go on, I dare you. Camp as Carry on Cavalry.

Why am I interested? Because I'd rather like the RY to become FR, really.
Interesting one. The RAF Regiment are undoubtedly looking for something to avoid getting even smaller and even possibly disappearing. That said, the RTR/RY will no doubt fight back to avoid losing a train set.

Apart of me does wish the the RAF Regt get it - not because I like them, not because I don't like the RTR/RY - but I'd like to watch the RAF Regt get embedded inside an Army Bde, surrounded by real soldiers, shouty badges, stags, duties and without a hotel or a gucci "Short Range Desert Group" walted up landy in sight.
I did read through the thread a while ago... all 30 pages of it.

Found lots of baiting - but no serious estimate of the future of Jt CBRN Regt / CBRN Recce.

Perhaps I wasn't paying enough attention... giggling like a bed-wetter instead.

Without wanting to kick off another baiting thread - what's your prediction?
Charlie Cong and co...

I have heard nothing about Strike withdrawing funding or the RAF Regt wanting to dump/hi-jack CBRN. The Jt Regt are somebody I am heavily involved with in my current job attached our walt friends.

The boys in blue actually do a lot more CBRN stuff than you might think, they already have their own (small scale) recce capability within each force packet for airfield protection and are heavily involved in CT through their experience protecting those late night convoys that CND don't like.
As much as I detest chucking on a face welly so that some grinning pretend infantryman can tell me to take it off again in his own little private torture chamber (test facility) the RAF Regt are actually very good at the whole CBRN thing and have been for a very long time.

One of the main reasons for this was the necessity to generate a/c if things had turned hot back in the bad old days of the Cold War. All HAS facilities were built with full-CLOPRO facilities and forced air filtration systems, about one in every eight Cpls (regardless of trade) was qualified to run these as shelter marshal and the goal of the then constant Taceval/Maxeval exercises was mainly to test the RAF's ability to keep going under NBC attack.

Even now its very rare to find an RAF exercise that doesn't include a fairly comprehensive NBC phase, in my 11 years I can only remember 2 exercises out of the many I've done that haven't required a noddy suit and face welly, Pegasus Strike and Thirsty Flamingo. By comparison during my time in the RGJ's NBC was (as far as I remember) rarely tested on exercise.

Let the rocks have their train set, perhaps it'll keep them away from kit that proper infantry should be getting, like those very shiny and under-used (unless you consider travelling from TDA117 to J1 village at Basrah use) WMiK's.

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