CBRN over Boot Scrounger

Does anybody have a spare pair of CBRN over boots as I’m fed up with getting dog shit on my trainers when running in the park?
If possible they should have good grip on them as the occasional increased turn of speed is needed to evade the masturbating tramps that live in the bushes.

Many thanks
Quite a few pairs actually, do you want the extra ally variety that work with ski-bindings or the bog standard?


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I may be able to help. IronDuke Heavy Industries BVD has recently bought seven tons of smelly old plastic trainers for clueless people who think that running about the place will extend their tragic, stunted and pointless lives. We call it the 'StupidAsADeadKipper' range. Or 'Kip' for short. We have a website but I do not know where it is.

PM me for details. Cash, credit cards, Paypal or may swap for a Jet-Ski.
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