CBRN (NBC) Assistant Instructor - changes

Not sure if this been changed for the MATT (new name for ITD) but....

All those with the old qualification need to get requalified before Dec 06.

To attend the new course you need to have attended a 3 weekend equipment familiarisation course

The changes also allow you to miss off the first two weeks of the proper instructor course (making it two weeks) but you have to attend that within 1 year of completing the other courses.

I know this should come from your unit but at least 2 regiments haven't passed this information, but on the bright side I now have the weekend off. Strangley I was quite pleased at being sent home, wonder if thats telling me I shouldn't be in the TA anymore and should be spending time at home with my family. Another 'postive' retention factor?
Correct, some slight amendments and additions to the details:

Current ANBCI conversion to CBRNA

You will need to convert to the new equipment etc, by Dec 06 at a Distributed Training Team (Specialist Training teams) (either 2 or 3 weekends depends on the Team) or Winterbourne Gunner (for regulars).

If you want to become a full Instructor, you then have to attend Winterbourne Gunner (DCBRNS) within one year of obtaining your conversion or you can stay as an Assistant.

To become a CBRN Instructors

The process of becoming a CBRN Instructor has now become modular; you will need to complete the following courses, in sequence, at a Distributed Training Team:

1st the CBRN Operator (Equipment) (3 weekends)
2nd the CBRN Assistant (3 weekends)

On completion and passing, you are then eligible to apply and attend a CBRNI's course at Winterbourne Gunner (two weeks).

However, if you wish to be an Assistant you need to do the Operators course and then the Assistants Course or if you just want to be an Equipment Operator you only complete that part of the modular.

Current CBRNI's

Have until end of Mar 06 to attend a conversion course, again either at DCBRNS or a Distributed Training Team. These courses end in Mar 06, there is no exception to the rule as DCBRNS and the Training Teams are not running any. Once this date has been reached your qualification is null and void and you have to complete the full training again, as stated above.
I have been trying to get that info for over a year now, if i understand correctly then, 3 weekends plus a two week course, if you want to retain your assistant instructors qualification then is it?

I was due to attend the conversion course in Feb, but now have been mobilised so will miss out, i guess then on my return i wil have to do the whole lot again.
No !

To retain your qualification as a Assistant you have to attend a Assistants Conversion Course (2 weekends)

To then move on to become a fully qualified Instructor you have to attend DCBRNS for a two week course.

Or you attend a Assistants Conversion Course, don't attend DCBRNS (Winterbourne Gunner) but still stay as an Assistant.

The Kit Man: If you are currently an Assistant and do not attend a Conversion Course by Dec 06, you will have to re-qualify by attending the Operators Course (3 weekends) and then the Assistants Course (a further 3 weekends). You are then an CBRN Assistant.

If you are currently a full CBRN Instructor (i.e. attended the Instructors Course at Winterbourne Gunner) and do not convert by Mar 06, you have to do the Operators Course (3 weekends), the Assistants Course (a further 3 weekends) and then got back to Winterbourne Gunner for a two weeks course !

This is the same for both TA and Regulars.
Also to confirm, you will need to produce confirmation that you atteneded a recognised Assistant NBC Instructor course, either by certificate, course report etc. Distributed Training Centres may not accept people who didn't do their Assistant Instructor course at either a Brigade Specialist Training Team or Winterborne Gunner.
I did my asst course with 145 Home counties training team back in around 1997. Havn't heard of any one running the conversion courses within our area though. I will have to wait and see, unlessi can get something sorted whilst on ops?
i have not heard of any conversion courses running either.

I completed my Assistant instructors course a few years ago, & attended my operators course but do to ther not having all the Nuclear kit i had a training gap issued & now dueto transfering units missed the training gap weekend, so i now need to do the nuclear kit part of the weekend of the operators course hopefully, before april so i can do the next BSTT assistance course to requalify

any help greatfully needed
4 Div RTC (145 BSTT) have published their conversion dates.

12/14 May& 9/11 Jun
23/25 Jun & 14/16 Jul
8/10 Sept & 22/24 Sept
3/5 Nov & 1/3 Dec

London District RTC (LDSTT) will be contacting units direct with dates in the next few weeks.
As far as LONDIST are concerned, i heard you had to re-qual by 31st March 06.

All courses for newbies into the CBRN arena have been switched to conversion courses.

TopBadger said:
As far as LONDIST are concerned, i heard you had to re-qual by 31st March 06.

All courses for newbies into the CBRN arena have been switched to conversion courses.


Only if you are a full NBC Instructor. Assistants have until Dec 06.
I am in east anglia and our BSTT have said 31st April, but they were only running instructor conversion courses. They quite clearly stated it was for Instructors and not Assistants.
I doubt you will have time then fella, ill find out what the dates are anyway. They may still be running the conversion course by the time you get back
The training team there was the driving force behind the distributed training process, leading the way so to speak. You could ring Winterborne Gunner as they have all course convening orders sent to them and sould be able to help you with contact details.

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