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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ancient, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. I'm off to Winterbourne for the reservist course shortly. Anyone been on it recently who can give any useful advice? Eg how high are the phys/ social/ bullshit / intensity levels, and any suggestions about useful extra kit would be handy.
  2. My biggest tip is to ensure that your respirator is 100%, if it is a S10 make sure all Mods are done. Also make sure you know Survive to Fight back to front and are proficient at the drills. They take no prisoners in the entry tests.

    The format of the course has changed lately, so as to the course content I cannot comment.
  3. Be aware that the Survive to fight is also being re-written, and there are changes to the MATTS drills as well, as the GSR comes in.
  4. You will do the GSR course now, I believe the last S10 instructors course was last July/August time, seeing as we are all "supposed" to be getting the new GSR later this year..... I'm not gonna hold my breath though.. If you need to know anything specific drop me an IM as I know someone who did it recently
  5. . I'm not gonna hold my breath though..

    I see what you did there.
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  6. Oh good.....I've been issued a GSR! And the course starts in 30 hours.It occurs to me that " Just TA " forum could do with a course content section that Arrse members can update as they come and go. Updating information and advice on kit etc as time goes by. Anyone agree, and if so, how do we go about it?
  7. I take it you are attending the 10 day CBRN Defence Trainer Course. Are you going straight onto the 5 day CBRN Defence Operational Instructor Course?
  8. msr

    msr LE

    We do, it's calledthe arrsepedia.
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  9. Just the 10 day. Unless they give me the option. I'm on ADC contract so I can get the time.
  10. Is there an entry test? :(

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  11. Yeah. Just learn the lv1&2 summit ice questions from MATT4 and you'll piss it.

    Piss easy course. The Op Instr bit is a doddle also.

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  12. Summative. ******* iPhone

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  13. Cheers, just been dumped on it,

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  14. I was going to do the course but can't get the issue prescription inserts, so wouldn't be able to realistically test people in the chamber.Shame really I used to enjoy that.
  15. Do you mean in time? There should be no dramas at all getting inserts.