CBRN Instructor - WIN NT 4.0 certification?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by baldy_breeder, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone confirm that a certificate in Windows NT 4.0 familiarity from an interactive learning centre is a requirement for the CBRN Instructor/Assistant courses? It just seems a bit odd as my unit will have a devil of a job getting people to an ILC that does NT 4.0! The bumpf on the CBRN school site also says anyone turning up without it will get RTU'd? Can anyone confirm?

  2. Post the link mate, sounds weird, DIT/BIT I can understand :?
  3. It's Intranet, I'll put it up when I'm back in on Monday.
  4. Sod all on here :?

  5. Windows NT 4.0 is no longer supported by Microsoft - since January this year. I would think you would be hard pushed to find anywhere that still teaches it.
  6. Exactly, but it's on the DCBRNC intranet site and in the courses DCI. I rang them yesterday but no fu.ker answers the phone after 1630. I suppose I should have expected that seeing as the RAF run the place.
  7. To use the RTS you need to be IT literate
  8. The all singing , dancing Typhoon fighter "Fear of the USSR as was " is the only flying NT4 workstation out there .

    So please don't tell the RAF that NT4 is not supported.
  9. Ok, so just being IT literate I can understand, but they want proof?
  10. We had to bring a bit of paper saying we were competent, ECDL booklet should it
  11. Even that's gonna be difficult. I'll just have to see what the local AEC can come up with.
  12. For the input required on RTS, surely CLAIT would do!

    Probably best to phone them and find out.
  13. BTW, what is an RTS? :?

    Surely even a made up IT competency certificate should do? I mean, we aren't looking for programmers? eh?
  14. Dons ANTI-WAH hat.

    Its a testing system for respirators, involving a tent, a laptop and several dance moves carried out by the poor sod in the tent whilst wearing the respirator.

    The Laptop (connected to respirator) tells you that your respirator (works or not) and produces a printout, info is allegedly stored on a database somewhere.

    Everyone is supposed to have this done annually and before deployment on Ops.

    It takes about 15 mins per person if they all pass.

    You could get the same result by chucking 4 bods in the chamber at a time for 2 mins runaround. If they are not crying the respirator probably works.
  15. Ah I see. We recently did this in a tent in a conference room. Which at the time I thought was rather bizarre considering the roof didn't leak.