CBRN course

I've just found out I've been spammed for the CBRN instructor course in a couple of months. Problem is I don't have a clue about CBRN and have no idea what the course entails.

Anyone have any info on the course content, layout etc?

All help appreciated

Axeman said:
Strangly for a course, the joining instructions are a great help.

Edited to add that wasn't meant to sound like a sarcastic comment. The CBRN school instructions are in fact very good compared to the majority I've seen.
Fair one, but I haven't seen the joining instructions. I've been told the dates and that i'm on the course. That's it. Joining instructions are "in the post" :roll:

Appreciate the website Hagar, but that's for the TA course. Just wanting a heads up on the reg course so that I can do a bit of swatting up and sort out some admin beforehand.
All courses are the same. A few establishments ie LDRTC etc run the course on behalf of CBRN School so the content and standard are identical. You will need to know JSP410 Survive to Fight intimately and also know all the individual drills. This is to get you through the entry tests. The other main RTU reason is that the respirtor does not have up to date valves, harness clips or airguide clip.

Be aware CBRN school WILL rtu for any failure in the above.
Cheers redcap. That's what I thought. Best get my arrse to stores and get my circa 1994 resi valves squared away then
on arrival your respirator will be checked for the stamp on side it needs to be within 20 years so a 86 -87 will be U/s the valves also need to be within date and have a stamp onthem simular to ressy if no stamp they are camberley valves and they are also U/S the airguide clip attached and new harness clips also they are noticable by the raised ridges on the inside of clips
once you pass those checks you will sit a computer test basic info on jsp410 edition 3 as 4 is obslolite due to errors inside
70% i think was the pass mark after lunch is practical test's, chemical IA,full ID and modified ID, drinking drill, emergency drinking, naps, nerve agent self aid(combo pen),
nuclear IA and chemical first aid, ie blood blister choking etc all in jsp410
we lost 25 on first day next after retest 12 more RTU'd mid course exam 8 went and then at the end 6 failed the cousre and left with only assistant qual on course there is a pam4 test very much like the AASAA/OASAA pam 21 test however it is 100% passmark
any questions give me a shout
You need to know JSP410 Survive to Fight inside out...and read the the back pages too, there is lots of info there which you need to know.

As said above, make sure yer S10 is immaculate and you know yer JSP 410...that's the best advice you can have before you start. Try not to fall asleep during the radiological lessons as well.....they're a doozie

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