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CBRN and Health & Safety

As mentioned on the other thread vacancies have come up at the place I work at. Mainly of interest are the Munition specialist and health and safety inspector positions, ideal for CBRN and Para-medic types, although if there are any software architects amongst you feel free to apply.

The organisation is based in The Hague and the work of an inspector involves a lot of travel out of the country, but nothing too dramatic (max around 6 weeks in one go), money is ok and the office politics/beaurocracy is improving. As was mentioned in the other thread its also a small toehold in the UN system.

Well worth a look at.


I am in the Jt CBRN regiment based at RAF Honington in suffolk and am keen intaking on a CBRN job in Civillian life, can you send me more details on what exactly you are looking for?

Many Thanks

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