CBRN Aide Memoire

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Boxy, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Anyone heard that it's been updated?

    f'instance it currently shows one colour detector paper, with a blue spine on the book, turning red! which I am led to believe is the new paper, with a red spine.

    Anyone found any others?

    Is the revision, if there is one, a whole new book therefore wasting money ala the BCD or is it an insert/remove type ammendment?
  2. The publication to which you are referring is a new publication which is designed to fit within a filofax type holder issued to each soldier. Hopefully it will negate the need to do a complete re-write etc for each amendment.

    With regards to the one colour detector paper, the operational issue will turn red, this is to put it inline with other NATO countries.
  3. Yes it is a new TAM type insert so if you have a TAM it can go in there along with the new BCDT Aide Memoir and the new LOAC SOldiers guide aswell so if you add these 3 Inserts plus you Special-to-arm Tam Isert plus the TAM it stratrs to weigh a bit and becomes a daysac item not webbing/Smock pocket.

    I have it electronically as well although it is a Sept 2005 Vs not sure if there have been any ammendments to it. PM me if you want it
  4. FFBox, Contact me on other means may have something for you!
  5. Hi flipflop i've not been on in ages but yes to the new book and do you have one yet ps try not to catch anything from sadsack he he.
  6. Okay another case of not being too clear, regardingthe filofax type aide memoire,