CBR600?? What next??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ronnie8781, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. After fellow bikers advice. The past couple of summers I have used my CBR600f mainly because I feel its a good first sports bike to have but I feel I have now done all I can with this bike and am looking for a new one!! I think I want to stick with a 600 however I am caught in two minds with the new gixer600 or cbr600rr an advice please?? (Tested new R6 bit too small for a 6ft bloke)
  2. gixer600 k6!
  3. RVF400 and perfect your cornering :)
  4. ZX6R ... Fits my knees perfectly and handles even better ... but I am a 5'3 girl lol ... Personally I would recommend the ZX6R 636 for someone your height - don't know your weight - great spead and handling, but due to the bikes weight and ability to corner you might even survive the summer lol ...
  5. Marry Me ... NOW!

    nahhh feck marriage.... can we just go on the green lanes pull over and shag? lol

    only messin.... or am I? :D


    On the bikes I was having my ninja delivered the other day and the spanner rapped it on the bottom of my road... wasnt a happy bunny had already paid for it... however the dude paid me all the cash back and advised I go elsewehere lol...

    fookin loon..

    so am still lookin for a new bike :D

    600 - 900 so anyone with idea's :D:D:D

    (sorry for hijacking the thread)
  6. Im selling my CBR 6 RR 2004 black, for 3,800 quid ... that would suit you down to to the ground....

  7. Burds cant ride bikes.....lolol
  8. Daytona 675. Try it you will be impresed.
  9. looking at a ducati monster today :D
  10. 'Course burds can ride bikes...that's why they make the CBR600 and the ZX6R! Almost the same as the real thing, only smaller. If you're looking for a man's bike...follow this link
  11. Aprilla Factory.......enough said .
  12. Ronnie

    I have just got back from Assen half an hour ago on my K6 750. NWST the minging weather, it is an absolutely awesome machine. It is so confidence inspiring in the wet, and extremely comfortable to do distance on. It is a quantum leap from my ZX636B1, better in every singly way. Get a K6 mate, you won't be disappointed. 750 if you can afford it, but the 600 is just as good, only a little down on power.
  13. If you are out-riding the 600 then it's time to move up to a litre sports. If you manage to out-ride one of them then I'll be seeing you on TV.

    I'd recommend a 98 R1, a blue one, but make sure it has a full service history and has been lovingly cared for..don't pay any more than £3300.

    Off topic and at a complete tangent, I am selling my very well looked after mint condition 98 Blue R1 for £3400 (but i'd take £3300 if pushed), FSH and everything!
  14. If you want to stay with the "600" class it's got to be the Triumph Daytona 675. Fantastic design and looks. I'm 6 ft and a tad round (check the name!) and I fit in comfortably (for short journies at least).

    And it's English!
  15. Why don't you get a GSXVR2000ZZCBRR1SuperBlackBitch? I hear they are very good.