CBBC TV hosts are either gay or childless & hate children"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Aug 21, 2007.

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  2. I am speechless .I sincerely hope these rumors are not true .
  3. Not just CBBC either.

    BBC News (and to be fair ITN's various offerings, as well as Sky) is almost entirely in the hands of middle class women who go to the right parties and promote each other to the top.

    Most of the autocue dollies (many of whom can barely string a sentence together without assistance and who would never, ever, get those expensive shoes dirty by actually going out and doing some proper work) are not only over-pampered, giggling cretins, but it's amazing how many of them are over-pampered, giggling Asian cretins: the BBC has diversity targets to meet.

    Intellectual standards have sunk so low that they keep having to bring the best and the brightest (Ben Brown and Matt Frei) back from where they should be reporting in order to rescue proceedings.

    2nd Headline at top of BBC 6'O'Clock News last week from Natasha Crapinski: "How the rainy summer is affecting your holidays".
  4. Actually true, well seems so nowadays. I like the way the BBC try and throw it away as 'a joke'. I think it comes down to 'peado-mania' (is that a word?) a straight middle aged man who fronts a kid show is suspicious nowadays, where as a effeminate young man seems more 'comfortable with children' because he is seen almost like a woman (happy, clappy type who is so camp that he poses no threat).

    God, what I am trying to say is coming across wrong. I don't mean 'normal' gay, I mean the stereotypical Graham Norton types (the very fact that you could know that the presenters are gay shows that they are acting in a stereotypical gayness way, otherwise you wouldn't know they were gay, what I mean is that if you thought a presenter was straight, but he was gay, then he hadn't been acting in a gay way, or stereoptyical gay way)....oh fcuk it, I'll get me coat.
  5. True, but some of them are quite attractive:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    And so on...
  6. Many moons ago we had Blur (a popular musical combo m'lud) on a programme I was a runner for down at C4.

    Wen't for a slash and found the singer and a male producer sharing the romantic confines of the staff toilet.
  7. non ******* story its a ******* joke at the Edinburgh fringe
    next squaddie slags off rsm down pub :roll:
    and as for the political event it was about cycling for ffs :x
  8. I wouldn't put it past that Albarn character. Who was the other chap, Toby Anstis?
  9. They don't make em like Tony Hart any more. Taken from his B3ta interview

  10. ”Not just CBBC either.”

    Maybe the whole policy composition needs looking at? There’s BBC3, aka the ‘Two Pints of Lager’ channel – yes, amusing the first 327 times. Then there’s BBC4. Quite nice, no adverts (as such) and some serious informative programming – but gay, you can practically hear the thruhpny bits hitting the floor.
    They showed Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain and that of Simon Sharma. I enjoy them both very much, though find Sharma hard to concentrate on as he needs a broom stuck down his shirt when on camera. However, the series were shown once. Miss an episode and maybe wait ‘X’ years for a rerun. Now, Stephen 'Oscar' Fry has a 50th birthday, and he gets an alleged ‘weekend’ which is more like a week, with reruns and reruns and reruns and reruns. Not to be misunderstood, I like Fry’s work and find some of his characters exceptional. Whether he’s an iron or not really doesn’t come into it, but, if the BBC are supposed to be providing a wide and fair balance of viewing for it’s paymasters – i.e. us – bloody do so.
    And while we’re at it, especially BBC4, stick to your published schedule! You’ve got no real paid advertisers to placate so there’s no excuse for sloppy timing. Pull you shorts up and pay attention!
    Everyone does omnibus versions now so why not you? Yes, after stretching out episodes for 4 to 6 weeks (one slot a week), do a full back-to-back for anyone who may have missed a bit, or had their recording buggered because of sloppy punctuality. AND, we are digital now, no? Hence there’s massive scope for interactive etc – yes there is – so, while if I were deaf I no doubt would appreciate someone on screen signing to me, as I’m not (yet), please stick the signing person on a option system like subtitles so they can turned on or off.
    Might as well complete this catharsis, BBC Radio, particularly World Service. I am sick and tired of loosing the service because some fly-eater has chosen, deliberately, to bleed all over your frequency. ‘Oh, not abiding by the rules are they?’ ‘Lord of the Flies’ pal, i.e. ‘Bollox to the rules’. Crank your output up and bleed them out of existence. If anyone complains, do what they do. Say it’s a temporary fault due to the ionosphere, which you are attending to – then do SFA about it.

  11. I sometimes see CBeebies when my nieces visit. A lot of the female presenters are fairly fit but the male presenters strike me as a bit dodgy, (nonces the lot of them :D )
  12. I wonder what her right tit is called :?
  13. A thought occurs: if all these young ladies have to work with are a bunch of sausage-jockeys, they must be gagging for some. Where do I apply to join CBBC?
  14. Peter