Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Second_On_Balcony, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. Came across this in a book I'm reading through at the moment.

    With my asbestos like pallet, I've not really got a problem with the ration packs. I've not yet sampled the delights of the Septic MRE's though.

    Was just wondering if anyone has managed to have any fun with a CB-MRE-B or Coke Bottle Meal Ready to Eat Bomb before?? Might be a load of bollox for all i know.

    Basis of it goes, you need a coke bottle (with a little coke left in there) and then simply add the contents of one of those Flameless Ration Heater meals in and screw on the top tight. Leave it somewhere to produce the best possible laugh and wait for it to explode with all its warm coke/food goodness.

    The MKII is the chemical version whereby you start with an empty bottle and use piss instead. Preferably the stinking first one of the day after a night on the sauce.
  2. I think you need to read the instructions more carefully. Using your method, all you'll get is a (possibly) improved flavour to the meal.

    And you'll be waiting a long time for it to explode.