CB Breakers - Walts or what?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. CB Breakers are all sad Walt ba'stards!

  2. It's five past four mate! (Artillery only)

  3. I think CB breakers are the salt of the earth!

  4. Wibble Wibble Wibble! (REME Techs only)

  5. I have no opinion on that or anything else, I'm married!

  1. My boy came home from a trodel markt with an old CB radio, so I rigged it up for him in his bedroom.

    I established comms after a few minutes with a callsign called Strammehermann. He told me that the local net belonged to a Division called DX-88 e.V. I bollocked him for his bad VP and for giving out shi't like that in clear. I managed to call up another callsign who seemed to be in charge. I put a contact report in and requested an immediate air strike on my mother in laws location. Nothing happened, sh'it comms discipline alround, bleating Hermanns coming on the net during a contact I ask you?

    It turns out that they have no heavy weapons or aircraft. FFS what use is a radio if you can’t kill with it. The rig is in the bin now.

    So there we have it, my question, are CB breakers Walts or what?

    NB. Any non walt UK breakers who can read, the German breakers are completely unarmed, in the interests of European integration why not have a pop?
  2. CB is it still alive?
  3. There are still a few users, mostly off roaders and truckers.
    I have one in the Discovery, handy when there are two or three of us up a mountain somewhere but you sledom hear anyoine on them these days
  4. Oh I see, a bit like dogging/4x4ing meets Brokeback Mountain eh?? ;)
  5. Mmmmm that's my kinda weekend!
  6. CB seems up for a new lease of life since users are now rigging up VoiP gateways to allow worldwide communication in the same way that the amateur radio boffs have done with Echolink. It's free and it's cheap but it is struggling against PMR446 over here in Blighty. Certainly not dead yet.

    Too nerdy?

    Sorry, I'll get my coat.

  7. Erm, perhaps I could have phrased that a little better :D
  8. We use CB on the Rally Raids and have found them invaluable for discussing likely dogging spots :lol:
  9. CB radios are quite popular in Poland.

    What the unsophisticated, pointyheaded, inbred cretins use them for is to warn other bad, dangerous (And usually drunk) drivers about a police checkpoint on a main road.
    They chuckle to themselves as they warn complete strangers about a speed trap ahead whilst piddling around with their latest 'All singing, all dancing' iphones and gadgets and careering into trees.

    They seem to really 'get off' on this little bit of schoolboy tomfoolery and it makes them feel very special.

    Ironically, all they have to do is bribe the policeman for a fraction of the cost of a CB set.

  10. CB, does that stand for Chav Band?
  11. WTF is that all about? (By the way its a purely rhetorical question and in no way do I want an answer).
  12. I think ericthellama just outed himself.

    Edited to add: I hear that Flasheart and MDN are both avid CB freaks ;)
  13. Ah, memories memories........how's your squelch lads? :?
  14. saw this lot in action recently.

    What is curious is that in case of national emergency they can come out and help pass messages for the emergency services using their own non encrypted equipment.

    Airwave must be their enemy
  15. your just jealous because a sad band of mongs can jury rig world wide comms with a collection of junk off fleabay.
    that still turns out to be more robust than bowman :roll: add a batco wallet good to go :twisted: :cry: