Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Daz_of_hudds, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Hey, Does anyone here go caving? Going on my first Descent on 31st Jan :D

    Going to be awesome, were off the Easegill system and doing the County Pot to Easter Grotto via Upper Trident route, main thing is to gain experience in SRT.

    Daz :D
  2. Whatever you do, don't watch the film The Descent

    No really, don't watch it.
  3. Wrong...

    Am well going to watch that tomorrow. I love ending up in situations like this and seeing something like that would add to the excitment, cheers for the advice
  4. Did it several times when I was younger but only because i had to.

    Hated every minute of it ..... wet, cold, miserable. I cant understand why anyone would look forward to it
  5. It's sh1t.

    I organised a week long caving course for my troop and was universally hated because of it.

    So much so that we actually used it as an insult for boring people.

    'You f"cking caver!'
    'Cave off!'

    etc etc

    Cold, wet, miserable and being lectured on sedimentary deposits!

    Go scuba diving in Cyprus instead.
  6. Lol, fail. Well I'll see if I like it or not then :D

    My Bold: done it off Barbados when I was a kid... EPIC!
  7. I did loads of it as a teenager and loved it. I tried it again when I was about 21 and I don't mind confessing I felt a bit freaked out down there when I was in tight spots. Worth trying!
  8. Daz,

    Who are you going with and where are you staying? I've been caving for the last eight years with various civvie and service organisations.

    The easegill system is an awesome cave system, hope you enjoy it.

    I'm a member of the CSCA, which would be a good organisation for you to get involved with.
    There's a load of events organised for the year. You might be interested in going on Ex Titan Hall, which is two weeks caving in Northern Spain.

    And for those who've expressed negative opinions of caving, I have one word - weak. :)
    AT's about leaving your comfort zone.
  9. Freefall Parachuting, snowboarding, deep water solo rock climbing, that's leaving your comfort zone.

    Get damp and cold and staring at igneous rocks is not.
  10. DWS and snowboarding? Leaving comfort zone? Bullocks to that!

    Did that everyweekend a few months ago! And not DWS either, just soloing. Looked great in the pictures, my pictures from hospital aren't so good though!
  11. ive been caving off and on for over 20years. great sport and great bunch of characters who do it.

    i'm a member of South Ribble Caving Club
  12. I have only been caving in Belize and parts of Mexico so it is a little different in the tropics. You'll have a good time.
  13. I have in my years mountaineered, rock climbed, sailed, kayaked, white water rafted, surfed, windsurfed, parachuted, bungee jumped and I cannot think of anything less exciting. Yes the first time you see stalactites and stalagmites in the purest form is pretty cool. But I mean cool in the truest sense of the word, you have crawled for ages, pi55 wet through (wet or dry suit apart) squeezed through spaces that you were just not designed to fit through, bruised on every square inch of your skin. Only to be greeted at the other end with a broken thermos and gritty sandwiches. Fantastic, I would rather boil my head! lol
  14. Here here...