Cavalry white/cream shirts and service dress hats

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ridingcrop, May 14, 2008.

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  1. I would be grateful to hear if anyone has any advice on where to get either of the above at a more reasonable price?

    Stephan's in Fulham is rather sharp for shirts and I'm finding it hard to come across either on ebay...?
  2. Stefans for the shirts and I would recommend Herbert Johnson foryour hats. They have a web site or if you live near Cambridge, they have a factory you can visit. Alternatively, try Captain Hogspear on ebay - very good source of second hand military apparel. Not that I'm on commission with them. Very useful for pre 1920 riding breeches if you like that kind of thing.......
  3. Billy Smart's Circus Outfitters???
  4. Michael Jays in Stowmarket are pretty reasonable for shirts. Not top notch quality, but acceptable.
  5. Why don't you apply for them through the system. Officers initial issue Shirts Cream x 2, Shoes Brown x1 and Gloves Brown x 1 then spend your money on the rest depands how soon you need the kit. RHQ's tend to hold this stuff too from ex memebers generates funds for the regiment. hats however are a private purchase and Herberst are good for new or ebay for old if you can be patient depending on unit.

  6. I got the shirts through the system, but they're just the standard ones and not tht ecorrect pattern for Gunners so I'm guessing they wouldn't be right for Yeomanry either.

    Nice shirts for cutting about the wilds of Yorkshire though ;)
  7. msr

    msr LE

    If you are really Cav, you wouldn't need to ask ;)

  8. what a predictably chippy statement msr, thanks to the others for some useful advice!
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Read the smiley ;)

  10. Unfair msr! "ridingcrop" is only Cav at the weekends and tuesday nights. The rest of the time it's back to the Kappa shell suits
  11. Big Girl's Blouse :D
  12. From the very fact you deign to respond to msr's proletarian abuse, I would say he is probably right! After all cavalrymen are so inflated in their self-image that they float peacably above all of the vulgarity which we other, lesser men inhabit down on the deckhead!
  13. I am surpised at you. You're a donkey walloper, money is no object!! Surely Stephen's is reassuringly expensive?
  14. Ganymede notices a valid point - Weekends and Tuesdays is all, before much bigger and better things in the Regulars! For this reason, such expense on items that will only be worn for a short while seems even silly to a Cavalrymen!

    On a similar note, has Uniformal closed down?

    Apologies to msr - the cheeky final wink wasn't seen...