Cavalry Pattern Oficers Swords

Can anyone guide me to where I might purchase a very reasonably priced Cavalry pattern officers sword and associated regalia?

The quotes so far go from 900 - 650 sterling..........surely not?

Lord! I have an 1864 pattern made by them! They've been making British swords for centuries - apart from the two "unpleasantnesses" of the last century...
During the Sudan war the 17Lancers where issued with Solingen swords, down to trooper .But in a letter to his mother Chuchill wrote that he had seen a sword bend against a fuzzy wuzzys breastplate. His mother caused a public outcry back in the UK and the swords were withdrawn, It later came out that the bent sword had been made in England and was privatly purchased by an officer
telecaster said:
Copy on ebay, item 370153384725.Jeremy Tenniswood may be able to help.
copy sir??? bloody COPY, SIR???????? Hardly suitable for skewering insurgents at horseguards sir!
Have you learned nothing from Tropper66's post?????

...bloody playstation generation, mutter, mumble

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