Cavalry Officer modelling for Sartoriani?

Thanks for posting this ad as I hadn't seen it but it was in fact reported to the Advertising Standards Authority. Some of you may have seen a TV programme recently called 'Savile Row' to which many references were made to the organisation 'Savile Row Bespoke' which was formed to market the skills of the bespoke tailors, and to protect them from the 'interlopers', on the Row - although the programme did them more harm than good.

Anyway SRB complained to the use of the word 'bespoke' in this ad to the ASA on the grounds that 'bespoke' suits should be handmade, whereas the Sartoriani suits are made-to-measure in a factory in Germany. The ASA did not uphold the complaint saying that to the average man-in-the-street the word 'bespoke', when applied to a suit, would regard a garment specifically made for an individual, rather than the method used in its construction.
By the way he is holding his hands , he has obviously embarrassed by a large 'stiffy' caused by the delightful young lady on the next page.
Rather boringly Dii will not allow me to open the article.

Have to get back to some work for now and try again later from home.


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