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Cavalry Officer 7 Questions

Does any one have a copy of the cavalry officer's seven questions, it was on one of those round robin emails and I can't find it. Goes something along the line of:

Q1: Why is that man shouting and what is he doing about my breakfast...etc.

Much appreciated if anyone can find it.
Let me oblige dear chap:

1. Where do you live
2. What school did you go to?
3. Was your Pater in the Regiment ?
4. Which hunt do you ride with ?
5. Have you been skiing lately?
6. Do you know anywhere to park in Fulham / Knightsbridge after 6 pm?
7. I say, who’s that Filly?
no wah, have seen it, the sort of thing that hangs over mess urinals, was a bit more lengthy than jackedgenius's offering, anyone else?

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