Cavalry memorial parade

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brutus, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. Hi i'm abit undecided if I should attend this usually fabulous event, the problem is due to the cut back in mtd's and transport funding we have been told nobody is getting paid an possibly using green fleet. Now we don't get to do all the gucci things you see on the adverts - white water rafting etc so on this w/e we have a few beers around London followed by the parade sunday and then meet up with the oca. All this can be rather expensive and travelling there just for the parade is just too far to do, so what should I do :?:
  2. Brush your Bowler 'til it gleams, roll the brolly virgin tight, bull the shoes so that even the GSM would smile and

  3. Its your Duty.
    Honour the sacrifice others made
    to give you the choice to attend a parade.
    Yes I know it rhymes.
  4. I wish I was able to go, unfortuantely, I will be on duty that day, for the third time in a row :(

    As to MTD's, I do not see why it should affect whether yougo. In an idea world, youshould be paid, but attending remembrance services should be some thing voluntary, to pay your respects.

    My opinion

  5. Agreed.
  6. from what i hear it costs a mortgage payment an a half the amount you spend on ale and sausage rolls!

    eds up!

    but if i was free id go for free, wages who needs them we get a bounty!

    £300 this year in the words of monty burns excellent
  7. just get your ass down there, i spend all weekend down there, get pi55ed saturday around covent garden then up the westend on the evening, march passed with a headache. cant beat it f@ck the cost, as the butler said its your duty your obliged to attend
  8. I won't get paid any extra for it, I'm broke and I still need to source suit/bowler/tie/brolly - but I won't be missing it for the world! Get your arrse down there and don't be a grumpy bugger.
    You'll find me in the pub after doing caberet impressions :eek:) :eek:)

    Btw - does anyone know where I can get a suitable brolly? Is there anything it should/shouldn't be? (I know that sounds daft but I can't think of another way of phrasing it. My brains gone on strike now it's end of a loooong term.)
  9. harrods £129.99 bargin it should be bright orange with pictures of naked women on it
  10. Not getting paid?
    Got to use green fleet?
    Oh poor bugger!
    Now stop moaning and get your arse down there.
    Remember the people you're honoring would love to be there paid or not!

    Rant over
  11. Go and be happy you're there remembering not being remembered.
  12. Thanks chaps your right I was just pissed off because they wouldn't even cover travel and rations then asked for max attendance, maybe I worded it incorrectly on my initial post. cheers
  13. fulton make a nice black one with al the right fixtures and fittings for a gent.
    available at all good stores
  14. Sadly I will be unable to attend again this year as I shall be working in the Middle East and unable to get back. My thoughts as always on that day will be with you all.

    Quis Separabit
  15. You, Sir, are a fcuking disgrace!

    I am sure that those that had the ultimate sacrifice forced upon them and their comrades that will go and march having scraped from their pensions over the past 12 months the return price of a coach from Aberdeen to Victoria and 1 night's B & B in a Bayswater Roach Motel will not miss your presents.

    Please state that you will not be attending. I am sure I am not the only person having read you pathetic whinnings that feels sick to imagine we might breath the same air, let alone march shoulder to shoulder together!

    You should be horsewhipped at the earliest opportunity before being lead to a room with a table with a Webley upon it!