Cavalry memorial parade - Hyde Park

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Cavalier, May 12, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know who's taking the salute this year?

    Can we expect Chuck again or is Liz going to make an appearance considering her grandson's parading?
  2. I'm more interested in seeing the LD get stuffed at the footie.
  3. I take it that you didnt go then?? Not exactly a stuffing but nice to see some people bothered there arrse with the whole weekend.
  4. I could give you 100 reasons why I didn't go. (seeing as you're having a dig at me).

    I only really need one however. I'm not able bodied enough to take part.

    If you think I don't do anything to support my association and local troops, ask HHQ.

    Of course I could ask you why you didn't bother to attend at Yalta? I was there, why weren't you?
  5. Steady on, I was simply making a reference to the football. Unfortunately for you the LDs didnt get "stuffed" as you so elequentlly put it. Yes the QRH won an extremely competetive game of football and my hat goes of to them (seeing as some of them had just flown in from Iraq for the game).

    I wouldnt have said that i was having a personal swipe at you either, just pointing out that the weekend isn't as well attended as it maybe could be, especially by serving personnel who have the means and funds to get there. While i have the upmost respect for yourself and any ex servicemen who have served wherever it may be.

    I could give you a hundred reasons why i wasnt at Yalta, one being i was born about 40 years to late to serve in the crimea.

    Not much i could do about that.
  6. I support my OCA and serving members at every available opportunity and I enjoy seeing my regimental football team defeat other teams, especially when it was us who presented the Cavalry Cup in the first place.

    Can't be everywehere at once though, as you point out ref Yalta. I was born 100 years too late to take part but I was still there to remember the fallen.
  7. As an outsider , REME , who served with the RHG many years ago. I was in London on the day and believe a "Lord Guthrie"?? took the salute.
  8. There you go, question answered.

    Hey GDav & BITB, why not use smileys, that's what they are there for, then hopefully there won't be any misunderstandings, and the rest of us don't have to read endless comebacks, one liners and rebuffs. :)