Cavalry and saving money.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bleep323, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. In these days of economic hardship is it a preposterous idea to get rid of the horsey side of Cavalry units? I admit trooping the colour won't be quite the same but such is life. Sorry if there are other threads related to this but I couldn't find any, not that I looked that hard.
  2. but what about the whole "they bring in more tourist money than is spent on them" side of things?
  3. We could train them to skip while banging half coconuts together (Monty Python Holy Grail)

    It would keep the ceremonial and therefore the tourist income, however, save a fortune on horse maintenance.

    The side benefit would be the increase of coconut based menus at Knightsbridge Barracks
  4. hehe...prehaps we could decorate Horse Guards with some nice shrubberies(sp?)

    Speaking from a position of ignorance though, which costs more to run, a horse or a tank?
  5. With livery, shoes, insurance and the odd bit of physio, I budget about £5000 a year for my grown-up neddie.
  6. Couldn't they buy them wooden horses to go with the woodentops?
  7. I know we're in a crisis of epic proportions, and these guys are hardly integral to the defence of the realm but some things are more important than saving a few quid.

    I think shitload of other stuff could be dealt with before we cut our heritage to shreds - if you reduced the number of MPs by, say 15% that would probably cover the whole running cost bar wages (and since these blokes are all fully trained armoured soldiers its fair that the Army picks up that bill anyway)
  8. Hear hear! You're not just removing horses from the equation, you're potentially ending Military Geegee bloodlines that have gone back to Wellington's day from active service. There's a bloody flotilla bobbing around on Her Majesty's noble and wide-reaching waters that could be scrapped before you get rid of the GGCUs!
  9. It is probably being looked at along with Kings troop neddies, trooping the colour could be performed in combat uniform,save on all the sniper red tunics etc! Massed band replaced with pre recorded music over tannoy systems powered by solar energy, oh and dont forget the yeoman at the tower, they can go when it becomes a pizza hut franchise. This is brilliant ,what next?? Oh yes we dont need all those different badges and regalia, every one into the same chairman mao type tunics, fc*king ell they could have a field day.Why do M.P.s the thieving scrotes have to make use of the houses of parliament, they could stay at home and video conference, flog the buildings off to some japanese billionare, turn it into a theme park. There are so many bullshite organisations and quangos for the chop first, leave the forces alone......
  10. Certainly, get rid of the horses. While you're at it, get rid of the long boots, the breastplates, the funny hats with bits of string hanging out the top. And, of course, without them there'd be no need of the Royal Family. And think of the money you could rake in by turning Buck House into flats. Pull down all them limestone buildings in Whitehall and turn them into nice, 3 bed townhouses and make a fortune. All those statues could be melted down and the scrap metal flogged off to China (I hear scrap bronze is going for a fortune, nowadays.) And that archway where the Admiralty used to be could be pulled down completely. Loads of room to get the big cranes in to develop that bit of greenery along there into a Tesco (OK. Waitrose if you want to be posh) after all, those ducks must cost a fortune to keep! And, without the bandstand and the troops playing, you could hire it out for pop concerts. And, of course, that big building with the clock at the end of Whitehall, pull it down and use the space for mooring for cruisers to go up and down the river. Move the buggers out of the there to a nice, cheap built-for-purpose concrete block in somewhere like Bradford.
    Definitely room for savings all round. Trouble is, who the hell would want to go there then?
    Some things in life are worth saving. We don't have to throw all the traditions out with the scummy bathwater, you know.
  11. No way!!! The drainage is crap. Leave the gee gees alone! They're great! A link with the past and good for tourists don't under estimate the pull for tourists you can't move in Whitehall for them would they be there without the gee gees? doubt it
  12. You ****ing mong, get on a horse and ride it about as we fire RPGs at you.
  13. yeah, point taken

    not that i was saying the cavalry should go back to going to war on horses mind,that was proven to be a bad idea around 1914
  14. Why not just bin the tanks? Seriously, how often do they get used in the stan?
    What are they built to do? Kill other tanks. Simple as. The intimidating infantry bit is just a sideline.
    It's a damned risk way of killing tanks to boot!
    Surely the enemies tanks be blown up a little bit more safely? From the air perhaps? Using CAS planes that would be at the beck and call of the boys we really need aka the infantry.

    The horses and the like are just a tourist draw I reckon. What's wrong with making a little cash on the side?
  15. Where is this ‘Stan’ place that people keep talking about :?