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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by richy4, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. Is there an equivalent course for RAC officers to that on the infanty PTC? I know the regulars have a course but does the TA?
  2. AA Track Comd (TA) at Bovington at a guess.
  3. Any idea where I can find info on it?
  4. The Tactics course at Warminster, for Officers and SNCO's is also necessary.
  5. Before someone beats me to it....ask your PSI!
  6. woudl that be this course? RAC Yeomanry Armoured Formation Reconnaissance Tactics / LO Course
  7. Thats the one, but bloody hard to get a place on it. Being run every two years.
  8. yeah doesn't help when your a new junior officer trying to learn your role lol
  9. That's the fella. Finally got a place this year, only to have it postponed by 6 months to October and then for my brother to announce this week that he's getting married in the middle of it. Argh!
  10. your role... **** your blokes off! simples!