Caution needed on those dead Soulja tribute pages

I reckon some ARRSEr's might need to tone down contributions to little dead Soulja johnnies facebook page next time as might lead to more than they bargain.

Also, you're a bad bad person if you laugh

BBC News - Reading man jailed for dead girl 'trolling' insults

Reading man jailed for dead girl 'trolling' insults

A Berkshire man has been jailed for posting abusive messages online about a schoolgirl after she committed suicide
In one of the posts he called the teenager a slut. He also posted a video on YouTube, entitled Tasha the Tank Engine, showing the children's character Thomas the Tank Engine with Miss MacBryde's face.

He had also posted offensive messages, known as "trolling", about Lauren Drew, 14, of Gloucestershire, who was found dead after suffering a suspected epileptic seizure, Hayley Bates, 16, of Staffordshire, who died in a car crash, and Jordan Cooper, 14, who was stabbed to death in Northumberland.
Also . .

BBC News - Facebook page mocks dead Stoke-on-Trent girl

Her friend, driver Ian Lewkowicz, 26, also died in the crash in September 2010 when the Nissan car they were in hit a parked lorry on the A500 in Staffordshire.
A web page was then set up on Facebook which reportedly showed Hayley with her eyes crossed out and captioned "used car for sale" and "one useless owner".
Another picture showed a corpse while one featured the lay-by where the accident occurred captioned: "A waste of a good car."
I've had all my FB troll accounts closed now, so I've picked up the hint and don't bother any more. :wink:

Not . . . .. laughing . . . . I'm . . . . .not . . . . .laughing . . . !
Just read this and thought the same, blimey soon it will be only Gwars that feel the full wrath of insults.


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Just as well the Kadeem Blackwood thread was deleted!
He is a bit hobbitish


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No mirrors in his house then?

Short fat cunt can't abuse anyone except Gwars.

He's only 1 step from fuil mong bet in ceratin light (i.e. day) he looks like a window licker.

Mark The Convict

He does have quite a forehead on him - wasted space, obviously.

Mirrors? I thought that was vampires? No matter, he can't go out because people point and laugh, and rest their pints and ashtrays on his head when he goes into pubs to trawl for cock. So he's forced to stay home and troll. He's a victim, that must be it.
I don't actually get it, what would possess this pondscum to put hateful comments about people he never even met who died, what an ugly little fat Shitcunt!

Hope he gets dry bummed in prison!
No balance on Facebook!

Over 18000 supporters of the ex-muppet Roaul Moat on his facebook pages mostly pledging themselves to his "cause!"

How many cared enough to drop by his inquest the other day?

Total of ten members of the public, who probably weren't on facebook anyway and likely went in because it was windy outside!

Is it not as offensive to post "nice" things of murdering scum?
I don't actually get it, what would possess this pondscum to put hateful comments about people he never even met who died, what an ugly little fat Shitcunt!

Hope he gets dry bummed in prison!
Not been around here long have you.


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I never did get any royalties when some fucker pinched my tribute poems.
It’s all about context. If anyone’s daft enough to spout off on the websites that the neckless git did they deserve all they get. Here on Arrse the context is different and we’ve more room to express opinions.

For example, I happen to know that one of the Arrse Mods, a certain XXXXXXX XXX (Retd), once XXX XXXX with a XXXXX but tries to play it down now. Just after XXXXXX in his loft with a XXXXX and XXXX XXXX “harder, damn you! HARDER!!”. He then XXXXX XX X XXXXXX there wasn’t as much blood as you’d think, but it was still quite a lot, XXXX X XXXXX XXXXX XX XXX “now suck my toes”.

At least I can say that here without fear of speech-throttling censorship.

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